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Flowers during the winter???????

I live in Missouri and was wondering if anybody knew a good shrub or plant that has color throughout the winter months. I want my flower beds to still have something alive during these months. It will be in the sun also. If you know of something, please give me the name and/or website. Thank you!!

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    OK, I live in a nearby state and I will tell you that there isn't much that will flower during the winter months except for Pansies. Of course, these are not shrubs, they're flowers but they will survive the winter temps as long as it's not really really cold for an extended time frame. Even if they do seem to succumb to the frosty weather, they come back when it isn't so cold. I have these in my flower beds that I plant in the early fall/late summer so that the roots have time to grow and get established. The pansies love cooler temps and they will flourish with the cooler Fall temperatures and will be beautiful most of the winter and pick back up strong in the spring. When you shop for your pansies, check the label on the pots to be sure that they can withstand the average low temperature in your area. Good luck and be ready to be the envy of your neighbors when everybody else's plants are dead and brown!!

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    Inside or outside, and where are you? For inside many orchid varities will flower with minimal light, as will some catcus, christmas varities. Those are inside plants here. Most plants won't flower because of the light requirement.

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    Try these sites:

    Missouri Winter Flowering Plants:

    Ozark witch hazel page:

    Missouri flowering trees (may have striking winter foliage):

    Missouri frost flowers:

    Good luck!

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