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will anyone join me in congratulating Michael Griffins sane and studied views on GW and NASA?

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    Yes, Michael Griffins is remarkably courageous.

    Global Warming research has been a lifesaver for many of my friends who are NASA scientists who otherwise would have lost their jobs due to cutbacks in the space program.

    Even though here in the silicon valley, we have a large number of companies that employ scientists, the skill sets that are required are very specific.

    Most of the NASA scientists that I have known that have lost their jobs due to budget cuts at NASA have not been successful at gaining employment in the private sector because their skill sets do not match the skill sets that are required in private industry.

    When a NASA scientist loses his job, he does not get another one at anywhere near the pay that he was receiving at NASA.

    If he does get another job in private industry it is at much lower pay. He no longer makes enough money to pay his mortgage payments. He has to sell his home or lose it to foreclosure.

    He is no longer a hero to his wife and his children. He is no longer seen as a brilliant scientist who sacrificed many years of his life getting his Phd degree and many more years as a low paid post doctoral student while his friends were out partying..

    He is now just another unemployed bum with no future whatsoever.

    If he is willing to create a particularly frightening computer model of what the climate will become in the future if we do not stop burning fossil fuels, he can get another good paying job at NASA.

    He is once again seen as a brilliant scientist and a hero again to his family and friends. He is no longer just another unemployed bum. The bank lets him keep his house and even refinances his mortgage at a lower interest rate.

    Not all scientists are willing to create those frightening computer models, however those scientists that refuse to go along remain unemployed bums in the eyes of their family and friends. The bank forcloses on the house and the wife files for divorce. Their kids now hate them. Even their dog hates them. These scientists are usually devastated and slink off into the shadows never to be heard from again.

    For obvious reasons the scientists who are on the Global Warming Research gravy train feel extremely threatened by anyone who dares to question whether or not Global Warming is as serious a problem as they are making it out to be and their computer models are making it out to be.

    Michael Griffin deserves an award and our never ending thanks for making his views public.

    Unfortunately so many of his colleagues feel threatened by his statements with respect to Global Warming, he will probably lose his job.

    Source(s): My friends who are past and present scientists with NASA.
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    "Jim Hansen, a climate change expert at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, takes issue with NASA administrator Michael Griffin's views on global warming during an interview with Madeleine Brand. Griffin told NPR's Morning Edition that he isn't sure global warming is a problem we must tackle, a view Hansen says is "remarkably uninformed."

    Congratulations, Michael Griffin, on being remarkably uninformed. Oh sorry, did you want me to congratulate him for his sane and studied views?

    I'll say this - at least Griffin doesn't dispute that humans are the primary cause of global warming. For him to claim that we don't have to fix a problem we've caused is completely irresponsible. What more do you expect from a Bush appointee?

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    The overwhelming majority of environmental scientist said that we were headed for an ice age and that sea levels would be down 5 to 20 ft within 10 years... in the 1970's.

    The overwhelming majority of scientists are human and can make mistakes.

    Thier simplistic models for predicting the complex environmental system we call EARTH just can't cover all possibilities. The scientist's own expectations of what effect will result from some cause IS BUILT INTO THE MODEL so the model always confirms it.

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    Sure I will. He said that global warming was both real and human caused. It's nice to see that he's done his research. Although it was a shame to see that he thinks climate change won't be a problem. Oh well, two out of three isn't half bad.

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    Not 99+% of the scientists in the world.

    Not this guy:

    "Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich challenged fellow conservatives Tuesday to stop resisting scientific evidence of global warming"

    Or these Republicans, including his boss:

    "The science of global warming is clear. We know enough to act now. We must act now."

    James Rogers, CEO of Charlotte-based Duke Energy.

    "the evidence is sufficient that we should move towards the most effective possible steps to reduce carbon loading in the atmosphere"

    Newt Gingrich, former Republican Speaker of the House

    “With overwhelming scientific evidence that global warming is adversely impacting the health of our planet, the time has come for the Congress to take action.”

    Senator Olympia Snowe, Republican, Maine

    "The overwhelming majority of atmospheric scientists around the world and our own National Academy of Sciences are in essential agreement on the facts of global warming and the significant contribution of human activity to that trend."

    Russell E. Train, Republican, former environmental official under Presidents Nixon and Ford

    "I agree with you (Gore) that the debate over climate change is over."

    Rep. Dennis Hastert, Republican, Illinois

    "Global warming is real, now, and it must be addressed."

    Lee Scott, CEO, Wal-Mart

    "Our nation has both an obligation and self-interest in facing head-on the serious environmental, economic and national security threat posed by global warming."

    Senator John McCain, Republican, Arizona

    "I'm trying to learn [about greenhouse gases and global warming]. The more I learn, the bigger believer I become."

    Senator Lindsay Graham, Republican, South Carolina

    “DuPont believes that action is warranted, not further debate."

    Charles O. Holliday, Jr., CEO, DuPont

    "These technologies will help us become better stewards of the environment - and they will help us to confront the serious challenge of global climate change."

    President George Bush

    I expect a "clarification" will be issued.

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    I agree with him that Global Warming is not about to destroy humanity. My view is that rising CO2 in the air is a problem, even it it never causes any warming, and running out of oil is a problem, even without global warming. And like all space enthusiasts, I am an alternative energy fan because there is no oil or coal in space, and no oxygen to burn them with even if there was.

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    I find this rather interesting.

    We put out 30,000,000,000 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere every year.

    To put that in perspective, that's 38 molecules of CO2 for every 100,000 molecules of air. It would take 5 years to change that 38 molecules to 39 molecules at the above rate.

    Interesting, huh?

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    GW and NASA... could you please tell me what it is...

    however congrats to Michael Griffins and NASA

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