Bonderman/Pence/Bailey for Jason Bay (some thoughts)?

I tried moving Burnett/Hill or Zito before Bonderman but nobody would accept. I think I had enought depth in SP to get Bay.

I just traded:

Bonderman/Homer Bailey & Hunter Pence (I decided to keep Kelly Johnson instead of Pence) for Jason Bay (14 Team Mixed non keeper league) 5x5 categories

I needed an extra bat in the OF and I hope I didn't give up too much. I had some pitching to spare and didn't want to part with Bonderman but I think I had to for someone of Bay's talent. (I tried to move Hill but he wouldnt accept)

Did I give to much or does this improve my team?

Here is my team now:

C) Variteck

1B) Pujols

2B) Kendrick

3B) A Ramirez

SS) Rollins

OF) Francouer

OF) J. Bay

OF) kelly Johnson

DH) Victorino


Piazza (DL)

1) Zito

2) Burnett

3) Bedard

4) R. Hill

5) Lincecum

6) ??? (Im hoping either Gallardo or Lester will be called up soon to take Bonderman's spot)

7) Paplebon

8) Dotel





Lester (DL)

Street (DL)

Guardado (DL)

Duchererer (DL

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You actually did well. Considering you really only gave up Bonderman and Pence. Bailey is still in AAA, and the Reds keep saying they don't want to rush him.

    Lester will be up soon, and should give some good numbers. Plus Hennessey is now the Giants closer so you use him until Lester gets the call. Bay is a big upgrade over Pence.


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  • 1 decade ago

    To make this trade work, you should have gotten a SP in return. You just lost a guy who could contend for a Cy Young, K title, and is on a playoff team, for the best player on a bad team. I wouldn't have lost Pence either, kid can rake. What's he batting going into tonight, like .383? Ubsurd. But how did you not get bites on Rich Hill? That is the worst part of the whole thing. Just hope that Zito goes 180 and Lincecum is for real.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Honestly, you did not do well. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Pence may well put up similar numbers to Bay from here on out, and you gave up the anchor of your staff as well. Bailey is no loss - he is rarely getting to the 7th in the minors due to high pitch counts (aka control, which will have ML hitters eating him alive on his mistakes on location). Bailey is 2 years away from being a legit fantasy contributor. Zito has been terrible more often than not, which is why nobody wants him. Every team in MLB is laughing hysterically at the money San Fran gave to Zito, who is giving them WAY less than Lincecum is. Your entire offense needs a reworking - everyone who drafted Pujols is holding their breath. Varitek is aging, Kendrick has little power, Rollins is cold but will come out of it, Ramirez is fine, Francouer is hit or miss (literally) and Johnson is prone to short slumps. Bay was a good acquisition, but you gave up your only sure thing on your staff.

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  • Kevin
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    1 decade ago

    Yes you did give up too much. Bonderman for Bay would have been an even deal. Why you threw in Pence and Baily, i have no idea.

    By the way your pitchers are great but you hitting really isn't the greatest!

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  • oto
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    3 years ago

    If they're going to announce it subsequent week, it is not "reliable" but. It may not be reliable till the statement. Not pronouncing some thing will occur to difference that, however groups were identified to swoop in and make the ones signings now not so reliable. If he does signal there, he's going to want he used to be again in Boston, in which he is nearly confident of gambling for a contender. I do not see the Mets difficult the Phillies and even the Braves this yr. And no, the Pirates don't seem to be kicking themselves for buying and selling him. They were not going to be competent to pay him, and it is not like he used to be a prospect once they traded him- he used to be an based all-megastar on the time.

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