A web site http://quicknews.info captured my web browzer and yahoo messanger, i dont no how to get rid of this

When ever i open internet this site jumped in to my browzer, and it is almost imposible to change the home page setting.

Also i can not join chat room.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are several programs that deal with malware like this.

    I have used the following for while:



    Spybot Search and Destroy




    Spybot S&D has a feature where you inoculate your browser from hijacks.

    Hijackthis! lets you see and delete what BHO (Browser Helper Objects) have been installed. Be careful with Hijackthis! If you do not know for sure that something needs to be removed, do not remove it.

  • ridout
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    3 years ago

    relies upon on the consumer's acts in it. once you're chatting regularly its alright yet once you're doing something previous your limits it is caught and repoted / revealed on diverse web pages. there are various hackers around. Cheers.

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