what are the negative impacts of films on youth?


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    I don't think films, Bollywood or not, have that much of an impact on youth. Are they a factor? Sure. One, tiny factor in an ocean of factors. Take ten kids and have them watch something really violent or really sexy, and then set them loose on the world. Guess what? Odds are none of them will do anything they wouldn't have done anyway. Peer pressure, parents, school, advertisements, money... all these things will have a much stronger impact on a child than any movie ever will. Ultimately the movies reflect reality, moreso than the other way around. I think the impact of films is overrated.

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    None. There were violence, profanity, and sex before films. Films don't cause "bad" behavior. Idiot parents letting their children watch movies intended for adults is the problem. A problem that is easily fixed when a parent explains to the child the difference between reality and fiction. However, Bollywood movies may make children want to wear colorful clothing and dance ALOT.

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    As with all films and all people, movies are full of fantasy and fiction. After repeated viewing of any sort of fantasy the person will eventually(and unintentionally) start to view reality with a fictional perspective. For example, people that watch mob movies will come to believe that it is not only ok, but romantic to cheat and steal and kill because the law and law enforcement are not worthy of respect. The same psychology involved in that analogy is applicable to any fictional entertainment that has even a hint of realistic base to it.

    Dragons and warlords don't carry the factual base so they fall outside of that scenario. Fairytales, however, many times have a love aspect, so they would fall under that criteria creating potentially damaging effects on a person's view of reality.

    Source(s): (none of this is limited to the young mind, btw)
  • GK Dub
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    I don't worry about how films affect the youth. I worry about how television does. Between all these ridiculous reality shows and stupid Japanese cartoons, today's kids are gonna turn into a bunch of nut jobs.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Idealizes Bolly/Hollywood's version of beauty.

  • 1 decade ago

    Makes idoletry look like a good thing

  • promotes violence, language, and...adult situations

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