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Starting dating?

I'm sixteen, and I was wondering when a good time to start dating is. I've had girls ask me out since year six, but I've never really felt ready. Do you think I should just enjoy being a kid, or should I try plunging headlong into the adult world?

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    Sixteen or seventeen is a good age to start dating. If you're not ready, don't rush yourself, though. Enjoy time as a single guy until you are truly ready to date, so it will be more meaningful when you do actually decide to date.

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    I don't think there's any real right age to start dating. I wouldn't recommend it at say, twelve, because then you're usually not emotionally ready. I'd say about sixteen for "serious" dating. Also depends on what you're looking for. Some people feel fine casually dating others; others aren't. Others develop long-term relationships. Just depends on what you're most comfortable doing. Know that whatever decision you make comes with a bunch of responsibilities, regardless of age. For instance, if you're fourteen and you decide you want to casually date, then you must be able to bear the responsibilities of it. If not, then probably not a good idea to start yet.

    Also, don't worry about your age. I'm nineteen and haven't yet started dating.

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    you don't have to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing.

    your a virgin still i am sure by your message.

    That is a wonderful thing, don't ever feel you have to lose it to become an adult..if one day you get married and have already previously lost your virginity unless your a total moron and so is your can cause complications such as disease and or regret.

    If i were in your shoes i might get my feet wet a little. You know experiment with dating, but at your age don't go looking for anything to serious yet. Maybe try courting where you take a girl on a date and keep it moreover like a very close freind ship.

    It is always good to gather up a little experience before you get to old

    good luck

    go for a sweet girl

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    Listen to both your feelings and reason. Dont just go with the feel of the world.Talk to your parents also. Take their opinion also. If you feel you are ready, then sure, go ahead but, keep things simple, slow, nice and easy.If not, then wait till you grow up a lil' more mature.You are at a sweet, tender age.Be careful , be wise and have a beautiful life.

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    Dating is good but it should be regulated specially your now becoming to adulthood stage.

    I believe as a teeager u should start dating to the person whom you really know & possible ask a permission to your parents so that they will not be worried when you comeback almost late at night.

    So good luck & be a good girl!

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    I think u r adult.Just date with.U r sixteen yaers old already!Not a six yaers old kid

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    dude omg even grade sevens are doing it just do it you will like it dont you like girls by now or you just dont have the guts???

    sadly i dont have the guts 2 ask a girl out yet

    i hope thing work your way or my way lol

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    you better not get carryed away by ADULT HOOD NOW OHH NOSSS !!!


    -[Serenity Now]-

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