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Describe the advantage of recieving passive immunity to diseasessuch as tetanus compared with active immunity?

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    Natural active: Occurs during infection. It is active because lymphocytes are activated by antigens on pathogen's surface.

    Artificial active: Injecting or taking antigens by mouth. Takes time for T and B cells to be activated but gives long lasting immunity.

    Natural passive: Mother to child through placenta or milk.

    Artificial passive: Used during potentially fatal diseases. Provides an instant response but only temporary as antibodies are not the body's own so memory cells are not created. E.g. tetanus - injection of antitoxins given.

    From the above, it is clear that one disadvantage to natural active immunity is that the person actually is ill. However, the immunity does, in almost all case, provide immunity for a life time.

    Receiving passive immunity protects a person for a shot time such as when there is widespread disease; however, that protection does not last a lifetime.

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    I also would have thought that not being sick would have been the main advantage as you get the antibodies given to you already produced by a horse (from what i remember with tetanus)....I guess you let another poor animal do all the hard work (active immunity) and you reap the rewards (antibodies as passive immunity)!!

    Active is better in that it can last longer eg a lifetime while passive has to be renewed to maintain its effectivness.

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    Active immunity gets your immune system to make its own antibodies by using an "attenuated" pathogen.

    Some pathogens can't be attenuated so they give you somebody else's antibodies (often from a horse) These do the same but because they're noy yours you will develop antibodies to these foreign antibodies.

    The advantage is that you don't die.

    (I think that tetanus immunisation is active, though. Typhoid is definitely passive)

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    Passive immunity can be used after exposure to the disease. Administering a vaccine to induce active immunity would be pointless, since the patient would die before the response developed.

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    Describe Tetanus

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    Passive immunity would act quicker to protect you than active immunity would.

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