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American Influence on Mexico.?

How and in what ways has the US influenced Mexico in the areas of music, dress and pop culture?

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    México is very influenced by the music, dress and way of life of USA.

    If you never have been in México, then you probably believe that México is small towns with poor people sleeping beside a cactus. Not at all. If you want to know México try through the internet.

    México listens the USA music, plus our own music, not country, not polkas, we have rock in spanish, pop in spanish, and so on.

    The fashion is very similar to that of the USA.

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  • 5 years ago

    Mexico has also put heavy influence on the United States for example the anarchist gun culture arizona and Texas are famous for originated in central Mexico and is still alive and well (in mexico of course) you can still see this culture with gun duals on the street in Zacatecas and vigilante groups in Michoacan. The only influence really on mexico from the US is it's government system ,cowboy culture originated in Mexico not the US.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Americans have influenced a lot of pop music and rap music because they used to usually listen to polka or country

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