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Connect Dell Latitude D620 to Toshiba CRT HDTV via VGA to component cable?


I have a problem when connecting my laptop to my TV. When I use the VGA to Component cable, my laptop seems to pick up the TV as an analog device (not a TV) and there is no output to my TV. I have tried messing around with my display settings to get it to work, but all I get is some flickering on my screen, and then it goes blank again.

My GPU is Nivida Quadro NVS110M (I have read some graphic's cards don't support component output via VGA, but I have not been able to find anything to the contrary about my card) and I have a Toshiba TV which has max 1080i resolution.

That is the cable I am using.

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    First, you need to understand that component is not VGA (and vice versa). VGA outputs RGB which uses three shielded cables (red, green, blue... just like component) plus horizontal and vertical sync (white and black which are ignored in a VGA to component cable), but they are not the same type of signal. Some laptops may be capable of outputting component through their VGA connector, but I'm not aware of any. Two more things have to happen.... your TV must be capable of receiving an RGB signal through it's component input (some can, but RGB may have to be selected in the user menu for that input, other sets select RGB automatically). Lastly, and most importantly, your computer's output through it's VGA connector must activated and be set to the correct resolution as determined by the Toshiba's owner's manual.

    With all that being said, you're not likely to be happy with the results, as TVs (HD or not) don't display computer graphics all that well. You would do better to get a PCMCIA card with HDTV component output. Or, better yet, stick with a computer monitor which is made for the various output capabilities of your laptop. Otherwise, you're going to continue to struggle and ultimately be dissatisfied with the results.

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    Toshiba Crt Hdtv

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    you are able to could desire to alter a putting contained in the demonstrate to tug contained in the horizontal and vertical sync (usually indexed as "sync on eco-friendly"). although, better than probably your demonstrate isn't designed to tug a sign outputted from a working laptop or pc. regrettably no longer uncommon ... Your different answer could be a test converter. They enter pc alerts and output video. could be costly however - ~$2 hundred or so.

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