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Was Henry Ford right when he said that there would be a revolution if people understood our monetary system?

“It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” - Henry Ford

Few people understand the true nature of money and finance, and for that very reason, few people are able to gain or maintain wealth today. Instead, the average American lives in a state of servitude to a mortgage, taxes, and a job. At any moment, everything can be taken away if a constant cash flow is not paid. The middle class’ current situation is not very different from historical serfs or indentured servants. How did this happen and who is the beneficiary?

The creation of controlled inflation has proven immeasurably valuable to the banking industry and Federal Government at the expense of the American people. The Federal Reserve grants interest-free (all interest is returned to US Treasury) loans to the government while the citizens have to pay interest due to inflation. What to do?

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    Every periods have the end of the time, and every times have the new begin era period. It is only the matter of times when it is going to be started and to be ended cos that's the nature of life cycle. No one forevers live.

    Henry Ford knew.

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    Henry Ford Revolution

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    Hahah. To understand the monetary system is to understand the treasons and treachery which the system has manifested upon itself. Every world war in the last two hundred years is horse manure, including the war in Iraq. You have been lied to in several different ways by several different people who i like to call 'corporate aciremA' (spell it backwards). So, to understand the monetary system is to understand the problematic corruption in the American healthcare system, the American government, American media, the American dependence on oil and most importantly, America's WAR ON DRUGS. HOWEVER, to understand revolution is to understand the very demise of American political economics; it will inevitably fail. To understand revolution is to understand the principles and physics of our decaying planet rather than the social problems facing modern society. Furthermore, to understand revolution is to understand what and why and what Corporate aciremA is trying to hide. Without going into too much detail - so i dont have the 'feds' knocking my door down and sending me to Guantanamo Bay to be detained for the next century, I'll drop you a small piece of history. One of Henry Ford's first model T engines was not a gasoline combusting engine. In fact, it was a diesel engine. Ford used HEMP OIL to run the first of these vehicles. Why isnt this fact taught in your local school district, or better yet why arent all vehicles biodiesel powered - which produces far less carbon emissions? Take a guess. The same reason why the coca leaf is one of the healthiest plants on the planet yet is banned in most industrialized nations, not to mention why cocaine is regularly mixed with baking soda and made a freebase; the same reason that you pay taxes to fund a purely satanic war; the same reason the Corporate aciremA and its gestapo agencies raided and banned a certain 'frequency generator' distributor in California; because its all about control. Therefore, to understand 'control' is to understand the Federal Reserve System, and to understand 'revolution' is to understand the unique properties of nature's gifts to man. To understand revolution is to understand how your so called responsible government brainwashes you and your children to this device of control they call the 'war on drugs'.

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    I don't think you even understand how our monetary system works. The Federal Reserve buys and sells government bonds so that it can control the supply of money. Without a growing money supply, all our economic growth would cause drastic disinflation because more goods and services would need to be paid for with a shrinking supply of money. In the long-term, persistent disinflation causes much more problems for the economy than a steady controlled inflation rate does.

    As well, if people don't work jobs, where would they accumulate this wealth you think they should be able to maintain. If they didn't pay taxes, we would have no paved roads, no national defense, no public schools. To top it off, they don't have to be in "servitude" to a mortgage, or any debt for that matter, and many people choose not to. Accumulating debt is a choice that people make, many times out of ignorance, but it is not something forced on the by the "system".

    You seem to be an idealist who has little grasp of reality.

    Remember, it was a long time ago that Henry Ford said those words. I don't think they would hold true today.

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    He was referring to the printing of money at no cost by the privately owned Federal Reserve that is then "lent" to the government with interest and money borrowed to be paid. The government must gain taxation to pay the privately owned bank. The reference is directly to the taxation of the population for no reason other than to pay the usury to the owners of the money system. Income tax came into being around the same time the Federal Reserve came into being. As sure as night follows day, the money supply is stolen then the local population must be taxed to pay the usurers. This time around, the Federal Reserve has printed some 3 Trillion and it has all gone to their cronies. Of course the debt must be paid by taxing the population.

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