Franklin furniture manufacturer-in business?location?dealers...?

Internet not much help-trying to find dealer in Dallas/Ft.Worth area that I can special order a specific dual reclining sofa that comes w/massage w/fold down tray w/storage drawer that keeps items cool & holds magazines. 2x ordered thru Montgomery Ward's catalogue/internet sales and 2x the sofa was damaged & had to be refused (broken, frame poking thru fabric...). I don't want to deal with Wards again, despite their concession$ for the trouble-having to waite 6+ weeks for each order. Wards refused to tell me manufacturer or model number, but I was able to secure the mfg. name (Franklin) thru the delivery company.

I think Franklin is in the Chicago area. Need someway of finding the model number & a way to deliv to Dallas. Thx!

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Here is link to sofa:

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    You are spending a lot of money and would expect good quality. I personally do not care for ordering on line for the simple fact that I cannot sit on it or inspect it. There are so many factors that should be considered in choosing a sofa.

    It is beautiful and has a lot of functions. It is too bad it did not work out. I only order on line if I have found a place to inspect what I am buying and I know the exact piece. You need to worry about the high shipping costs and service.

    It sounds as if the frame was not made of furniture grade wood. When I inspect a sofa I ask what the type of wood is and check their book or brochure to at least know if they know. It should be made of a kiln dried hardwood or of the furniture grade. I look underneath to see if there are corner blocks and if there are neat tight joints that appear to be glued together and stapled or screwed together. If legs are screwed into the frame as opposed to integrated, that is o.k. Sometimes, depending where you go, they don't like it but it is your investment.

    I take a companion and lift one front of the corner leg about 6" while my companion holds down the opposing arm. The sofa should not twist. I also recommend the whole family sit in it. Shorter people do not like a seat cushion too deep and taller people do not like a back too low (they tend to hunch).

    I check out the padding by kneading the frame along the front and back rails, corners and arms. If you feel sharp edges, the padding is skimpy. The back of the sofa padding should be smooth and not lumpy and it should be padded for a finished look, especially if this will be showing in your room.

    I check the cushions. I unzip and look inside to see is the foam is covered with polyester batting, enclosed in a muslim. Removable back cushions containing loose poly. fill should be in pillowcase that is stitched into multiple compartments to minimize settling and they should be reversible.

    Finally, I check out the deck under the cushion to sence if the seat springs are evenly space. Sit down, if one side sinks, the springs are not centered and Listen, threre should be no squeaks The coil, cone, s-shaped and grid types are how the sofa feels to you. 8-way tie is no longer synonomous with high quality and comfort.

    Since a lot of money goes into buying a sofa, I always look at these qualities and if it a fabric, I look to see how it is matched.

    Enough of that, with all the problems that you had, would you really want to buy from Franklin again? Look to Ethan Allen, Thomasville, (but I don't think they carry anything like that). Lazy Boy or Broyhill might be somewhere to check out. If I do a little research and find anything, I will let you know.

    I hope I did not go overboard with this information. Stay to high end to medium end. Cheaper prices are just not worth it. Home theaters also sell furniture, but now you have something to go by.

    Lazy Boy has a design planner also, the recliners can be electric and I think they have cup holders and will conform to what you need. But, the massage feature and cooler would be an issue if your heart is set on that. You could always add a small fridge somewhere or try to get a cube for an end table with a lid to put in a cooler. Check Ikea for things like that. Todd Oldman is affiliated with Lazy Boy. They have been in business for years.

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