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Is it bad to purchase products from Proctor & Gamble?

I know of the cat/dog food companies like Iams, Eukanuba, Purina that abuse animals for experiments. But is it bad to purchase all products from P & G, which manufactures these brands? If it is, it's kinda hard to avoid them... there are so many.




Why would I make it up?

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    If you're asking this because you are an ethical vegetarian or vegan, then I would say you should avoid buying products from Proctor and Gamble. The do test on animals, not only their pet food, but their household products too. Yes, it can seem like they make just about everything on the grocery store shelves, but it's not hard to avoid their products, if you look for the alternatives.

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    There are all organic, all natural pet foods out there. I would have to believe they do not abuse animals. They are more expensive, but if you care about that sort of thing, it is not outlandish.

    Since I originally thought this would be a question about Procter and Gamble and Satanism question, I offer the link referenced below. It doesn't answer your question, but it is an interesting read...

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    I want you to supply proof that Proctor & Gamble is abusing animals for it's cat and dog food products.

    You can't make a statement like that and furnish no proof. Where are the pictures? The eye witness statements? The articles in prominent newspapers exposing the abuse?

    As it stands you have left yourself wide open to a lawsuit from Proctor & Gamble for defamation. You bet they care that you are making libelous statements on this forum where millions of people can see it.

    Source(s): Proctor & Gambles statement refuting YOUR proof: http://pg.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/pg.cfg/php/enduser/...
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    They test on animals. Peta.com has a list of companies that don't test on animals if you want an alternative.

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