I am ruinning a pandasoftware free scan and it is 1/3rd done and already found 80 hacking tools and root kits?

which are tools used by hackers to attack a system from a remote location and 16 spyware and it still has to check 2/3rd of the computer. It wants $13 to renew. I did this at someone's suggestion due to very slow computer. I am on a small income and though I could if really necessary pay..if I can remove these free somehow and restore my computer speed, it would help.

It started acting slow in the last week but I am reluctant to do a system restore as I o not want to lose all my recent files I did and can't find which are recent and which are old to copy to email or something.

I think maybe it is related to downloading torrents from torrentz. One download took 48 hours and I deleted and did some more of the same show from different places and none had sound. I have removed them all.

I have done several checks on my adaware, avg free, avg antispyware and also have spywareblaster.

What might I do..especially in regards to these hacking tools which have me worried..anywhere to remove


that is free and safe or should I pay to remove them from pandasoftware?

Update 2:

I only have $100 a month after bills for food, clothes, gas, misc so I am on a REALLY below poverty income, Kevin

I did not know downloading from this site was illegal until a few days ago when my son yelled at me and told me so hopefully you will withdraw your shame..I am an older woman and not that adept with computers yet.

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