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Is it true that HIV originated from somebody who had sex with an animal?

My friend told me that. They said therefore you can only catch it if somebody who has it passes it on to you, and if you have unprotected sex with a lot of people- you wont catch anything if everybody you've slept with is not infected. I always thought unprotected sex with lots of people leads to infections- regardless of whether people are already infected or not. Who is right?

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    HIV is deadly virus, no matter where it came from. And you shouldnt be having unprotected sex with anybody. It's too complicated, so don't take the risk on whether somebody is clean or not clean.

    But I heard that herpes was the STD that orininated from beastiality (sex with animals)

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    H.I.V. originated from the african people that handled infected

    animals such as the monkeys there is no truth to the theory that man had sex with the monkey and this was how aids was

    created, as for as getting an infection if you have unprotected sex with several different people and if these people are not infected with anything then you will be fine but who would want to risk having unprotected sex with many different partners and not know if they are infected or not, does your friend think that these guys are going to tell if they have a std,

    they will not say anything b/c all they want is sex and could care less if you get infected by them, Please, for your safety do not have unprotected sex with anyone these guys do not care who they sleep with and you are putting your life in their hands.. You will not get infected if the people you sleep with are clean, but you may get a yeast infection from sleeping around so much, But you won't get a STD from guys that are clean.

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    I really thought it was from someone eating raw monkey brains. I know that sounds crazy and I could be totally wrong, but like you heard that sex with animals thing, I heard that ate monkey brain things. Honestly, they are probably both urban myths and we are both wrong. It's crazy the way rumors get started.

    As far as catching it - 3 ways....

    1. sex. - from the juicy stuff of the other person to your juicy stuff. Can be from unprotected sex or oral sex or any other way your stuff comes in contact.

    2. blood - somehow managing to get the blood of an infected person into a cut or opening in you. This also covers the dirty needles that people share.

    3. breast milk - sometime the poor little babies get it from their mothers. sad.

    And with 25% of the people with HIV not knowing they have HIV to tell you about it....pretty much if you sleep with enough people you will catch it. so in a way you are right.

    Just stay off drugs and use a condom every single time (hopefully when you are older, I am guessing you are young by your lack of knowledge) And HIV is only one of the hundreds of yucky things you can catch. Good luck out there. The world is such a dangerous place.

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    HIV types 1 and 2 originated from 2 species of primates in Africa. And no, people don't have to have sex with them to get the disease. In many parts of the world, people hunt monkeys for the zoo or for meat. Exposure to their blood when you have a cut on you would transmit the virus. People tend to forget that you catch the disease from more ways than sex. Sharing needles would do it, too.

    As for the sex with many uninfected people, you can't catch what they don't have, so your friend is technically right. If no one has HIV, you can't catch HIV. However, there are A LOT of other STDs out there, not just HIV, so chances are very very high that you'll end up with something unpleasant, especially since not everyone knows that they're infected with and STD, so you can't just trust their honesty.

    Even without any STDs, each person's mixture of natural bacteria in their body is unique to them. So lots of unprotected sex with "uninfected" people will still expose you to their natural bacteria. What's natural for them may not be natural to you, and you can STILL end up with infections when your bacterial balance goes out of whack. (i.e. UTIs, yeast infections, vaginosis, can all have increased risks for acquiring with sex).

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    HIV is a virus and can only be caught from someone else with the virus, either by sex or by some other exchange of body fluids such as blood transfusion or needle sharing. Your lack of sex education in 2007 worries me. That is four different questions added within an hour or so, by four different people, suggesting that it is still woefully inadequate. Try :

    I am not sure anyone is really sure where HIV came from, or most other viruses for that matter, but almost certainly not via bestiality!

    Source(s): GP for more years than I care to remember
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    the truth about aids has been known for many years.there was a special on tv about it ,it involved some sort of sexual tradition and the use of monkey blood in this ritual sex act and yes it came from AFRICA !.that is how aids came to is stupid to have sex with a lot of people always use protection there are many kinds of sexually transmitted is also stupid when a woman gets pregnant and she has slept around so much she doesnt even know who the daddy is! it is disgusting- no baby wants a w hore like that for a mom or wants to be born with aids or hiv! be smart- sex should be special not just something to do with anybody who comes along! good luck.

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    no it did not come from a person who slept with an animal. It jumped species in Africa, the exact cause and how it jumped species in unknown, but believed to have been contracted by blood from another animal. That animal was a monkey.

    If every one who slept with had no diseases then yes you are fine. but 1 in 4 people have some sort of STD and they dont know it. Many diseases do not have symptoms when first contracted so a person may not know if they are infected. Play it safe, Keep the condom on.

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    No one knows for sure how the HIV virus came about or how it entered into the human species....I have heard all the rumours from humans having sex with animals, failed biological weapons research - Oh and even the God Botherers have suggested that it's God's revenge against promiscous people.


    If you want the FACTS on HIV and Aids I suggest to go to the following website from the UK NHS 24 website and find out exactly what can and can not happen.

    Do it now!

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    If any one has studied this disease in depth and the actual make up of this virus you would know that it would have to be man made this is a virus like none we have ever seen before with the constant mutation of its biochemical nature that not one hiv strand is alike. And there are many theories on why this virus was introduced in our society.

  • I heard it originated when someone in africa ate a monkey with HIV. But I could be wrong.

    As for the infections, Someone has to have the infection already, such as gonnohrea or clamydia to spread the infection. if one person sleeps with 50 people, and none of those 50 had infections, then there is no infection. wow...thats a lot of infections lol.

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