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i have a qustion im a teenager who's plaining on moving out of my parents house?

i am turning 18 years old next year and im plaining on moving out of my parents house, i was told to buy things now so i wont have to worry about it next year when i move. i was wondering can any 1 give me advise on what type of items to buy. PLEASE AND THANK YOU

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    Basics for moving out. You may not need all of this, but it will give you ideas.

    Entertainment - Stereo System (boom box/portable one will do), television, DVD player, (PlayStation and such if you use one), Home computer/lap top, if you use one now.

    Furniture - Table and chairs, couch, bed, bedside tables,

    lamp tables, coffee tables, entertainment unit (for stereo and tele), shelves, bookcases, wardrobes, desk, dresser.

    Electrical items - Fridge, washer, dryer (or locate Laundromat), table and floor lamps, alarm clock, iron, toaster, kettle, vacuum cleaner (if the place has carpet), microwave oven,heater, fan, electric blanket.

    Kitchen items - pots and pans, crockery, mugs, glasses,mixing bowls, cooking utensils, strainer/colander, cutlery, sieve, sharp knives, peeler, can opener. (Too expensive to live on take-away - and not very healthy - so you have to be prepared to cook)

    Manchester - Pillows, cushions, sheets, pillow cases, towels, tea-towels, blankets/doonas, doona covers, table cloths, napkins, place-mats, coasters.

    Cleaning - (Yeah you going to have to do that yourself) Mop, broom, bucket, dustpan and broom, sponges, scourers, toilet brush, dusters, cleaning products.

    Miscellaneous items - vases, clocks, pictures, photos, ornaments, cook books, small sewing kit, basic tool kit.

    Groceries - food, cleaning products, personal products (soap, shampoo, toiletries), toilet paper.

    Don't just assume that you can take what you use now at home, ask mum and/or dad if that's OK. If its not, add them to your list.

    Buy second hand, its cheaper to start with and you can update to new as finances allow. Go to Second-hand, Opertunity/Thrift shops, and haunt Yard/Garage sales. Ask around, people around you might have something they are getting rid of that you might be able to use.

    If you share/have room mates, others may have some/all of these items, but you have to find out then, whether they will share, or what the rules are for using them.

    Good luck, its a big step to take, and if you approach it in an adult way, you will make it OK.

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    Towels, dishes, silverware, glasses, dish towels, a dresser, a couch, end tables or a coffee table (you can eat at the coffee table if you must) least one pot, one pan, a can opener and maybe a microwave if you can swing it. A bed sheets and pillows (if you're not able to take your own), a television, a phone, and some lamps. A vacuum is a necessity and a broom is a borderline necessity, but you CAN clean uncarpeted areas with a wet rag and some detergent on your hands and knees in a pinch.

    Be sure to look at garage sales or bargain outlets. You don't need anything super expensive right away. Just keep things functional at first. Ask your parents what they'll be willing to donate to your new apartment, AND can always have a housewarming party once you get into your new place. Once you're settled, you'll know what you still need and can ask for it then.

    It's also a good idea (if you haven't already) to get a credit card in your name. Do NOT go crazy with it! Just use it to build your credit. Buy a microwave on the credit card and take 2 months to pay it off. DON'T however, put all of your items on the card! You need to use it ONLY to show that you have a credit history so you won't need a co-signer when you try to rent your own place. You'll need a job history as LEAST 6 months with the same employer. Save back enough money for a security deposit and your first month's rent, because that's what they usually ask for.

    Good luck!

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    Buy things as they are on sale first and foremost. I don't know your budget, but if you are trying to furnish an entire place it can be expensive. So think about yard sales and second hand stores.

    Make a list of everything you can think of - get a wedding registry list and base some of it off that.

    Are you planning on moving in with a roommate and already know who it will be? That would allow the two of you to coordinate and come up with a household worth of goods together, just keep note of who has what for when you decide to move apart.

    Moving out on your own? Think about the essentials you currently use - towels, Kitchen eating items (dishes, flatwear, glasses), pillows, sheets.

    It's going to be an individual decision what you buy now and what you save for to buy later (especially if you don't have much storage room).

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    All of the above suggestions are good, but until you can afford to buy all of the necessities, you may want to move into a furnished apartment and just purchase bed linens, towels dishes and silverware.

    You can get the rest as you can afford it, thats what I did when I first moved out on my own.

    To buy everything you will need will cost you alot of money you may not have right now and it will take alot of time to find them.

    For example you will need an Iron, you can use your mattress for an ironing board until you can find one.

    You can get by with some imagination and going to discount stores for a few years and slowly build up your required furnishings etc.

    Good Luck!

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    Well, consider the daily things you will need. All the things you probably don't even think of now, but will realize it when you move...

    Towels, other bathroom stuff, dishes, cutlery, cups, all other kinds of kitchen stuff, furniture, lighting, a collection of tools is a good idea, vacuum, microwave if the place doesn't come with one, laundry stuff like baskets and detergent, cleaning stuff, curtains/shades for your windows, and on and on and on. Luckily you can probably make use of things you already if you happen to already have a tv of your own, a phone, etc.

    And make sure you have a lot of money saved up for the many bills you will have to afford. Get a good savings behind you before you jump into this! For the next year before you move, try to save up as much cash as you can...people spend way too much on random things they don't really can put that money isn't surviving when you move.

    Good luck... MANY of us 20-somethings are at home still because we just can't afford's gotten so expensive anymore sadly enough. Especially at your age, be sure to stay wise about this and make sure you will be totally prepared when you do move out.

    I'm trying to save up to hopefully move out in a year also... I do have some of the necessities already stored away. I actually just bought a couple of bathroom rugs I had to have (very much on sale)...sounds funny, but I'll eventually get use out of them.

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  • If you have room to store it, I would start checking garage sales for used furniture. That way you won't have to sit, sleep or eat on the floor.

    If you have the money, rent a storage building temporarily to do it. Other than that buy dishes, sheets, silverware, glasses, towels, etc.

    Just pay attention to what you use on a daily basis. These are the things you will need.

    Good luck! Wow, I remember my first place. Enjoy!

    Source(s): Personal Experience.
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    Vacuum cleaner. Microwave oven. Television. Bed. Couch. Coffee table. Kitchen table. Padded chair. Plunger (Plumber's helper). Plates. Silverware. Cups and glasses.

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    Keep a notepad and pen with you for a week. Every time you use ANYTHING around the house, write down what it is. You will probably want to have everything on the list in your new place. If you don't already own it, you need to get it.

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    furniture, kitchen items, dishes and utensils, bedding and a couple weeks before you move start stalking up on canned food and things that will keep for a while because when you move, you will find lots of things you need to buy.

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    I wouldnt worry so much about buying but if you are on your parents insurance I would go to the dentist and the doc for a phyisical. You will be on your own soon and it will be hard for you to take care of those things,

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