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RETURN POLICY at shoppers drug mart??

a couple days ago, maybe three or four; i boutght this product called BROW FANTASY by REVLON. one half is pencil, the other is a gel for ur brows. anyways, i dropped it and the cap cracked (ON THE FIRST DAY I GOT IT) and then today, i dropped it again and the LEAD of the pencil part slid out, so u can practically pull it all out!!! ]

ARGH! i really love this product, but i wanna return this, and exchange it, will they take it back? i have the reciept and everything!! plus, its not like i used the whole thing up or much anyways, i only owened it for a couple days!!! i feel ripped off! should i exchange and will they take it back?

please help!!

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    I used to work there

    because it is damaged, you have to take it back to the shoppers you purchased the item at. Usually you can return products at any shoppers as long as you have the receipt and it's withing the time limit.

    but yeah, it all depends on the manager/supervisor and how nice they are. For most products the store can be reimbursed for damaged product(not always) so it's not a big deal, plus you just want an exchange so they store wouldn't really be losing money (if they can get reimbursed for that brand of makeup).

    Make sure to explain what happened and ask really nicely cause no one gets sympathy for being a jerk.

    good luck

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    i dont know about whether they will take it back (they should), but i know that you do have to return it within whatever time limit it says on the recept (14 days?) but they do have a policy that you have to return things to the exact same store that you bought it from (i remember cuz the clerk told me that once, and i thought it was totally dumb). but return it, the product shouldn't break like that...

  • 6 years ago

    I bought an electric tooth brush and i am not satisfied with it, can I return it?

  • hey rae! they might give you a new one just as long as you keep the reciept!

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