Difference between 'ffc' cable and 'fpc' cable?

Does anyone know the difference between an FFC cable and an FPC Cable?.....thanks.

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    Flat Flexible Cable (FFC's) is made up of thin

    rectangular copper conductors laminated between

    two layers of polyester insulation.

    Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC's) are similar in construction

    to the FFC except that copper film is chemically

    etched to produce a specific pattern. These are custom made for each manufacturers specs. This means this type cable is nearly irreplacable with of the shelf items without modification (So be careful!).

    I believe FPC's are what we are seeing with a variable pitch on each end. This would also make sense because from what I have researched FPC's are more fragile than the standard FFC cable and these seem to be the cables that are breaking in members monitors.

    A new type which we hopefully wont see much off is the membrane FFC. These have a carbon/silver paste forming the trace and are very easily damaged.

    The mating cycles for this material can be quite low. So if you run into this type be very cautious about handling it.

    While FFC/FPC cable can are much more durable than they appear, several precautions must be observed.

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    Fpc Cable

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    Ffc Cable

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    Difference between 'ffc' cable and 'fpc' cable?

    Does anyone know the difference between an FFC cable and an FPC Cable?.....thanks.

    Source(s): difference 39 ffc 39 cable 39 fpc 39 cable: https://trimurl.im/e83/difference-between-39-ffc-3...
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    The following link has a paper on the differences in PDF format. You need Adobe Acrobat to read the article:


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    fpc is short for flex printed circuit,and ffc is short for flex flat cable.the production process is totally different.For more detail.please ask our engineers for help.

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    the deference betwween ffc and fpc it is in the speede

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