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Deep wave hair extensions? Help!?

I want to get a sewn-in weave with deep wave hair for when I go away on vacation. Can this type of hair get wet and still maintain the hair style? I usually get braids if I want to go swimming but I want something different. Or if anyone knows a different hair style or type of hair that might work for swimming.

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    I have had the deep wave hair extension in my hair and have gotten them wet in the ocean before...and since i got them in right before vacation my hair look pretty nice during that week. After the third week my hair got pretty tangled and I had to use a lot of product to get it untangled. I would not recommend spending a lot of money on this hair because it will not last like other types of extensions. But if you are only worried about having this hair for two-three weeks then go for it.

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    I would suggest the wet and wavy i got some invisible braids with wet and wavy hair and it lasted a while. Also if you are willing to spend a bundle I would also suggest indian/virgin hair it is kinda expensive but will last longer than any type of hair you buy at the store

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    It depends what type of hair you buy. I get the deep wave sometimes and it usually only last throught 2 or 3 washings then it becomes straight if you dont style it. Try "wet and wavy". This style is made to get wet and it remains wavy wash after wash.

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    curly hair extensions are created from human hair. those hair extensions look organic and achieveable. they're mushy to touch and can be styled like everyday hair. stitch in wefts – Wefts are the muse of maximum hair extensions they're organic hair, or guy made. wefts are long sewn at the same time strings of hair. stitch in wefts are often finished on the salon, yet quite aren’t particularly confusing to do your self, even though it somewhat is mandatory to have staying power and the help of a chum. It fee me $350.00 to initiate and then $60-$a hundred each and each month i had to pass decrease back to maintain.. this is nearly all of the time situation with this gadget; it takes each and every so often somewhat some hours to get the tiny cornrow positioned into your hair.

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    yer they maintane there stylemake sure you ask your stylist for one that looks nautral coz some people ino that get weaves it looks so fake good luck xxxxx

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