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What is the name of the Ty Beanie Baby frog that croaks when you move it?

We had one for my daughter and it was in our car when it was stolen. The place where I bought it is not in business anymore and I cannot find the name of the frog so I can buy it...It was one of the big beanie babies, I think they are called buddies but I am not sure.

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    Im sorry but I think that it was a fake there are no real beanie babies that make noise.

    Source(s): Im a collecter of Ty beanies, I have 148 in my collection.
  • fegley
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    3 years ago

    omg! I definitely have a e book that asserts that too :) i think of that the're some people who nevertheless assemble them; there must be precise? the beanie toddlers ought to no longer value as much because it says, yet some human beings ought to nevertheless purchase it no longer for the value it says interior the e book besides the incontrovertible fact that it ought to nevertheless be costly on account that they dont make greater then one among each and every beanie toddler; some ought to nevertheless be valueble :)

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