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DSC Home Security System?

My boss just moved into a home with a DSC Security System. He wants me to find out how to activate it, etc. I don't know anything about home security systems. Does he need to open an account with a security company? How do DSC systems work. I suppose it may depend on the model.

Thanks. Any info is appreciated.

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    The above answer will be of little help as DSC is the Mfg and not the installer. If you contact their tech number, you will most likely be asked to call your installer.

    First step is look at the window sticker. You could contact that company.

    DSC is a standard brand and pretty much any alarm company can monitor it. If you let me know what model number, I can post a users manual on my website for you. You can contact me through my profile.

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    He will have to call them and find out how much it would be to have their service. Maybe a monthly fee not sure how much it would be.

    Here is the way to contacting them:

    Digital Security Controls,

    3301 Langstaff Road

    Concord, Ontario, Canada,

    L4K 4L2

    Phone: (905) 760-3000

    Fax: (905) 760-3004

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    this is wired into a motherboard panel and goes into the wall is not on batteries , it beeped all night long and randomly throughout the day it stops when I press the number key but for a short while. We still use it and it has a siren so I just want to keep it but need to know why its doing this and can I fix it myself.

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    Yup... JC Surveillance has them all.


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