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Who was the frontiersman some called “Canada’s Davy Crockett”?

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    Both Jerry Potts and Davy Crockett* won fame for their exploits as explorers and crack rifle shots, but their life stories show a lot of differences.

    Ethnicity: Potts was the son of a Scottish trader and a Blackfoot Indian woman. Crockett was a descendant of French Huguenots who settled in Northern Ireland, even though both the Scots and the Scots- (Ulster-) Irish like to claim him. Another Texian**, Sam Houston, lived with the Cherokee and at one time had an Indian wife, but Crockett never did. Potts could write his name, but he could not read. Not unlike another frontier statesmen, Abraham Lincoln, Crockett had very limited formal schooling, but he could both read and write.

    Politics: Crockett represented Tennesee in Congress from 1832 to 35. During his term, he opposed Andrew Jackson's removal of the "Civilized Tribes" to Indian Territory ("The Trail of Tears"), and he was also critical of wasteful government spending. If Crockett was alive today, he probably would be a Libertarian. Potts lived almost exclusively among the Indians, at one time acting as a minor chef of the Blood Tribe, although his knowledge of several Indian languages made him an invaluable guide. A half-breed at a time when descendants of such mariages were shunned by white settlers, Potts did not trust white ways. Crockett died at the Alamo while Potts died of throat cancer at age 57.


    *Fess Parker may have played "Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the wild frontier", but Crockett went by David, not Davy during his lifetime.

    **Texian is a term used for the "Anglos" who came to Texas before and during the Texas War for Independence.

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    Jerry Potts for CISNFM

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