If I suspect ABN Amro used inflated BPOs on my Detroit house short sale attempt, what can a lawyer do for me?

I've tried to work with them to sell my property via short sale for about a year now. Within that year, they've had 3 BPOs done on my property. While the offers have come consistently in a certain range, the BPOs have shot up by a whole $12,000 within one year! No, I haven't madeimprovements, of any kind, on the property. I'm wondering if anyone else has ever heard of that and what, if anything, I might do about it.

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    You are wasting your time and money with an attorney. Bear in mind that ABN Amro is under NO obligation to work with you on a short sale. You signed a contract with them to pay a given amount of money every month until the debt is retired. Anything OTHER than that is a concession on their part. If they so choose, they can start foreclosure actions and you won't have a house left about which to complain.

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    Hire your own appraiser before speaking to a lawyer. You may be able to get more for your house then you thought.

    How short are you on value?

    ABN has sold to Citibank you know. This could get tricky.

    Source(s): gwynninfaith@yahoo.com if you need mortgage advice. Grand Rapids MI here.
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