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Can someone tell me what mileage to expect out of SX4. Will it be above 10 with AC?

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    It is a fantastic car. Simply the best midsize car-period. Good interiors, likeable/acceptable looks, Decent performance, Sorted ride, lots of space, generous width, unimaginable ground clearance, solidity, long list of equipments and terrible value.

    Vices include some substandard parts, small quality issues and tall stance that upsets handling somewhat. (And i am a fan of low-slung sedans with close to the road seating....)

    Compared to the immediate rival Honda City, it offers ABS, Airbags, climate control, 16"Alloy wheels and much more at a price that is a lot lesser. Leather seats are on the options list too............Terrific value.

    The VXi costs Rs.6.80lakhs onroad, the ZXi about 7.78lakhs and the leather version is about Rs.30000 dearer

    Though Maruti tries hard to convey the message that it is an all-new engine-christening it as from a rather misleading M-series of engines- it is a reworked Baleno unit as I found out. It has got throttle by wire system and DOHC. The lighter cylinder head with a single camshaft on the Baleno has been replaced by a twin-cam cylinder head. So power goes up from 94bhp to 102bhpees. And as I found out, this has been reflected on the performance of the car which is more than adequate. the engine is smoother and responsive than in the Baleno.

    Brakes have good bite and hauls the car to a halt almost predictively. Ride is a bit stiff with the larger wheels and low profile tyres, though.

    The SX4 weighs 1200kg and has 102bhp to pull it along

    That equates to a power to weight ratio of 85bhp/ton (102/1.200)

    Where as my Baleno develops 94bhp and weighs just 975kgs having a power to weight ratio of 96.41bhp/ton

    You know which one is quicker and faster(quicker means accelerates harder, and faster means having a higher top speed)

    The Honda is way behind in offering equipments.......forget the climate control and alloys......the airbags and ABS are not even on the options list. The VTEC is grossly overpriced (1 lakh more)and still does not have ABS or Airbags. In that respect the SX4 is terrific value and definitely a better all round package. Look for pure performance and handling in it.......and u will be disappointed.

    The car has good grip in corners thanks to the thick rubber. But the body rolls considerably spoiling all the fun. And the engine though powerful on paper, takes 12.1 seconds to pull the car to 100 from standstill. The engine is very smooth on idle but is not very eager to rev up to the limit. Beyond 5000rpm, it gets very coarse and does struggle to build further revs. It has good midrange punch between 2500rpm and 5000rpm which makes it very driveable.

    However these performance figures, may not be of much interest to you. I would warn that the slow speed ride is a bit too harsh........however it gets better as speeds increase. And the car was too tall for my liking. I felt embarassed like a midget when i stood near it. The car however is surprisingly easy to drive around....with good allround visibility. One good thing is that its high ground clearance of 190mm makes it the best on our roads. The good aspects of a car that began life as a cross-over has been retained.

    Fuel economy is good for its size and considering that it has 1200kgs to lug around, it is "acceptably" fuel efficient. Autocar india says it delivers around 9.3kmpl in the city and 14.5kmpl onthe highway which translates to an overall 11.9kmpl.

    At the end, here is a car that is too good to be a Maruti. The service and parts are likely to be cheaper than with the Honda. And reliability except for some substandard parts, should be just as good. However some SX4 test cars begin to rattle as early as 3000km, which makes be a bit worried abt their build quality.

    Source(s): I am an automobile engineer and a car enthusiast. I am a correspondent in many car magazines and was one among the few people invited to test drive the car before its launch. That day, i found the car too good and became suspecious if it was just that example that felt so nice. So to clear my doubts, I took another test drive at a Maruti dealership and found that Maruti has got a real Honda City beater.. If you have any more clarifications regarding the car, you can contact me in (+91)9995103575
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    SX4 will give 9-9.5 in city and around 10.5 11 on highways with AC on. Keep in mind that the car weighs 1200 kg

    SX4 with 102 bhp does 0-100 in 12.53 secs, where as a Baleno with 94 bhp does 0-100 in 12 secs flat.

    A city VTEC does 0-100 in 10.52 secs.

    Maruti says SX4 is a man amoung cars, SX4 is actually a fat ugly man.

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    Sx4 Mileage

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    the SX4 is a good car. it is definitely value for money and poses great competition to other cars in the segment since it provides similar space, comfort, performance, quality.... as the other cars at a much lower price tag. also it is a Maruti product and Maruti cars are known for their economic maintenance cost, value for money, reliability, good service network, cheaper spares.... the SX4 should give a mileage of about 11-12 kms with AC........

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    I didn't realize I was going to be doing math in the GLBT section. Yes, 5 is average when 10 is the highest score and 8 is above 5.

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    yeh ,exactly will be above 10 with AC.around 11-12.5 kmpl

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