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i like this guy and i know he likes me so much. I would love to go out with him but the thing is i'm a virgin, and i dont want to jump into a relationship because i dont know if he'll want to stay with me 'cos i'm not yet ready to put out. I'm kinda waiting till marriage! I dont know what to do? Do i say yes when he asks to be my boyfriend, and should i tell him immediately or just not go out with him?

I dont know if he'll stay when i tell him my decision!

Pls honest answers! Thanks.

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    Number One I want to say GOOD for YOU!!!! Even though I have no problem with premartial sex I really respect people who choose to wait. I think that if you really like him that you should give him a chance, you never know he may have the same feelings of wanting to wait. If he truely cares for you then he will be willing to wait till you are ready. best wishes!

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    Lets take this slow. If he likes you he will ask you out. If he does not ask leave it at a friendship. Once you date, and if you feel he is the one in time to lose your virginity then you should be at a point where he is letting you know him. Thenyou can discuss sex and the virgin situation. He should not treat you as he is in a race to de virginize you. If he does get serious with you and after many months of dating and you wish to break the virginity then he should care for you deeply. If he did not let it last and is forcing sex on you then it should not matter if he does not wan't to stay. Just let him go you will be hurt for a while but believe me you will get over it happier and stronger and find a good man who deserves for you to be with him. This is real life not a tv show. Many young girls think real life should be like the cool shows and that is not how it is with good people. I wish I waited till I was married. As we get older we become smarter and actually wait longer now to have sex then we did after we were newly de virginized because we were to young to understand. This is a special thing and if a man is not caring or willing to wait or not do anything, he is garbage and throw him away. You will have many relationships so be choosy as life is long. This does not mean if no de-virginizing for him, he deserves blow jobs either. It is not a girls Job to do this it is a honor for a man to get it from a girl.....Remember and don't let them tell you anything else...

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    Well at first just get to know each other, and don't worry wether he wants to have sex or not. Just assume that he dosn't, and when the conversation does come up be firm with you answer, don't be embarrassed to tell him or shy about it in any way. You know that you want to wait till married and i hope you do, so don't let any one convince you differently. And if this guy dosn't understand that, then he's no good anyway. Someone will come alone with the same values as you and you'll know that you two were meant for each other. And remember being in a relationship dosn't mean you two are supposed to have sex, and he shouldn't think that either.

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    I don't think you should disregard a relationship because you're afraid it won't work out. If you're really afraid of what he might think about your views on sex, it's best to get the topic out of the way early so you won't be stressing about it when you're together. Try going on a date and discussing sex. Don't blurt out that you don't want to have sex because he might think that's all YOU think he wants. Tell him you want to discuss the topic early so you can be comfortable and ask him what his views are. Don't let him dodge the question, and answer tuthfully when he asks you what your views are. If he can't be in a relationship without sex, don't lead him on and DON'T sacrifice what's important to you for him!!!! It's his loss. Plus anyone worth being with will know you're worth waiting for. Good Luck

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    Guys are shocked when they meet a virgin woman. But sometimes they like to be with a virgin to have sex with them. Staying pure until marriage is the best but some guys dont understand.

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    If you like him then go out with him. Its a little early to be thinking about sex if you haven't even gone out. You don't even know if you really like him and you can't possibly love him. Its good that you want to wait until marriage to have sex but statisticaly its probably not going to happen so just be sure that your both in love with eachother before the first time.

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    Just be honest with him. Tell him in the beginning that you are waiting till marriage for sex. That way there is no mixed communication if anything should happen between you two. If he really cares for you he will understand.

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    if you really like him give him a chance . you should be open with him about how you feel about sex from the beginning it will give you a better opportunity to have a lasting relationship. If he really likes you he will understand if he has a problem with the no sex till marriage rule then he may not be the man for you

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    Hey joan. Well is he really like that? Does he like you because of your appearance, or does he like you because the way u are? Like I alwayz say, u will never find out until u try it! Go out with him. But in any event, if he comes at u really aggressive, and does things u are not comfortable with, than do not be afraid to say no or end it. If he likes u so much as you say, than he will understand where u come from, trust me. Hope that helps girl. Peace

    P.S. I know b-cause my girl is also one but I am ok with it cause I love her so much.

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    Well... your morals are always more important than a relationship (especially since we're all accountable to God)... I would go out with him, but tell him that you're not willing to have sex. If he seems unwilling to accept that, you should break up with him. Of course, some guys don't really care what your morals are and will force you to have sex. Hopefully he's not that kind of guy. But, if he doesn't respect your morals, he's not worth it.

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