wireless radio bridge problem?

Our network is made of multiple wireless radio bridges.

Some times remote end disconnected to my end.But at that time

I can connect to remote end. after restarting the radio bridge

problem solves temporarily.What is the permanent solution

of this problem?.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Does your bridge have any system monitoring page? Disconnects are usually caused by loss of signal either from being weak or interferance.

    If it is weak, get a better antenna for the bridge (if it has external connections for the antenna). There are several good antennas for long distance connections. If it is working sometimes then you may only need a sligthly better antenna.

    If the disconnect is from interferance you will need to change channels (which will involve changing the AP which connects you.) You just have to experiement and find a cleaner channel. Or you can get a spectrum analyzer to find one.

    Login to the bridge when it is working and check the "status" page which should show the signal level. If that level is low.. change antennas.. if it is strong keep watching and see what happens when it drops off. If its interferance change channels.

    You can get good antennas from http://hyperlinktech.com/ or many other wireless specialty suppliers.

    Worst case - update the bridge to a really good one with more power and better receiver.

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