Can you eat clover flowers?

My girlfriend told me you could eat the little white 'flowers' that grow in a clover patch. Is that true? She said she's been eating them since she was a little kid. I've eaten two so far and nothing happened, they taste ok I guess but they're not much on texture. I was just wondering if it was safe.

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    Some kinds of insects, especially flies fond of sweets, may wander in these flowers either to reproduce themselves, to rest, just to run around and hide, or to harvest pollen.

    So... if you are a sort of pacifist, maybe you should attempt to gently clean the flowers first, with water, and be careful not to kill anyone in the process.

    The clover flowers are besides used by bees to produce their famous honey. Of course, that honey we buy in markets is often pasteurised. So, even if you can eat honey, it doesn't mean that you can survive... after you've eaten clover flowers. :)

    Your digestive capacity is really based on how you are built. If you're capable to eat most vegetables, then go ahead. But if you're only into pastries, sea food and turkey... beware!

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    Is A Clover A Flower

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    Clover is ok to eat. A more common use to make a tea from the red clover which has more sugar in its nectar than white.

    I sometimes pick red clover flowers and chew on them.

    There are no toxic chemicals in clover flowers but you should not go around eating any flower you see because some have poisonous chemicals in them.

    Here is a recipe:


    Categories: Beverages, Spices

    Yield: 2 cups

    1 Handful fresh red clover

    Blossoms, w/a few leaves



    Fresh mint leaves (opt'l.)


    Several dandelion leaves


    Put the blossoms and leaves into a 2-cup earthenware

    teapot. Fill teapot with boiling water, cover, and

    infuse for 5 to 10 minutes over very low heat. Set

    the pot on a trivet over the burner, if necessary, to

    protect it from breaking. Strain into a hot cup, add

    a twist of lemon and sweeten with honey.

    Some fresh mint leaves and/or several dandelion leaves

    can be used with the clover blossoms.

    Note: Red clover blossoms may be dried to use for

    tea. Spread the blossoms out into a single layer on a

    tray and dry them in the sun. Use less of the dried

    flowers, 1 to 1 1/2 tsp. to 1 cup of water, to make

    the tea.

    Yield: 2 cups.

    From “The Wild Flavor” by Marilyn Kluger. Los

    Angeles: Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc., 1984. Pg. 253.

    ISBN 0-87477-338-5. Posted by Cathy Harned. From:

    Cathy Harned

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    Absolutely! They're very sweet, and very good for women, especially if menses won't start.. RCF will help that issue, and often helps with time-o-the-month cramps. :)

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    red clover flowers are very good antibiotics...used to gather them, dry them and sell them to a health food store...they sold them there

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    yes and die

    :) lol jk.

    you mean the ones with the really long stem? if yeah, i've eaten them before too. maybe just clean it really well? ..

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    they r ok.but clean them b4 eating!!

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    Well, you ate two and you're still alive. I guess it's safe. Moron.

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