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is this ferret cage big enough?

look at the cages from ebay below. do u think these sized cages are a good size for 2 ferrets? im thinking they are i just wanted some opinions. theyre only around 50-60 dollars which is a great deal so.... PS-if the time on the cage ended and u can still look at it, id still appreciate responses for future reference.


this is just a random idea, but do u think it would be possible to turn a dog crate into a ferret cage?

Update 2:

from the above sites. are those cages, if big enuf, the bare min? or are they have a well-sized volume that would be quite comfortable for 2...?

Update 3:

for the dog crate idea-i would use one for a larger breed-im not talking about one for a small terrier. i was thinking about this idea bc i would be able to get a considerably larger cage for some ferrets for about the same price as the ones form ebay above.

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    I'd say they're big enough for two, no more though. One thing you need to think of.........please do cover those platforms/shelves with something to protect their little feet from the wire. Ferrets do better on solid shelves than on wire shelves. A friend of mine uses pieces of PVC and custome tailored pieces of thick fabric that have clips on all four corners so they can be fastened to the sides of the cage. The ferrets would throw them off the platforms if she didn't fasten them down.

    I'm using solid plastic floors on all my levels. My cage has three full levels and two half levels for four ferrets.

    Problem with dog crates is that some ferrets, especially smaller sized females will be able to squeeze through at one point, even if you don't think so.

    I fostered two in transit and one of my resident females got into that room and sqeezed halfway into the new ferrets' cage. It was a home made cage and looked like it should've been fine. Well, she sqeezed her head through and her torso and then got stuck. Couldn't squeeze her hips through and couldn't go back up because of her ribs. It was a tight squeeze but we eventually got her cut out of it with a Leatherman tool, very carefully. Ruined the cage in the process too.

    Good luck.

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    Yes, they are big enough for 2 ferrets. With ferret cages I always recommend at least 2 levels even w/ just 1 ferret. Depending on the size of the dog cage, you may be able to use it. If it is large enough for several tiers than there should be no problem. My ferts love chasing each other up ladders & through the tunnels. They also love their sleep sacks & hammocks. I put plastic bags in the bottom of the cage, they love bouncing on them & making crinkle noises. Good Luck w/ you fuzzies.

    Source(s): mom of 5 fuzzies
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    truthfully everyone seems to be usually asking with regard to the dimensions of ferret cages. My ferrets in no way stay contained in the cage different than possibly at night to sleep, in addition they comprehend the thank you to open the cages themselves, they're particularly smart animals by employing the way. I made my living house ferret evidence a protracted time in the past so they run around and do as they please only like our cat. The cage I even have is massive, yet no longer extensive considering the fact that they're rarely ever in it besides. i assume it only relies upon how lots time your ferret spends contained in the cage. If this is the main considerable place for them then you definately could desire to confirm of path that this is no longer too small.

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    Those cages would be big enough, but bigger is always preferred espically based on how long each day they will be in there. Dog crates, even with levels added, are not big enough for 2 ferrets.

    Source(s): 6 years of being owned by ferrets
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    This cage is a perfect size for 2 ferrets!

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    We turned a medium-sized dog crate into a house for two of our ferrets.

    We hung the center dividing wall horizontally and put some cardboard and lots of polar fleece in the upper level, and have their box and munchies and water bottles on the bottom. We also have a hammock for them to laze in.

    Just make sure you get them out of their cage daily. It's cruel to leave an animal penned up and ignored.

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    the second one should be fine i have a ferret and her cage is like half of that one.

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