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is smoking weed bad for me?

simple question..is smoking weed bad for me and why

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    yes, because it kills brain cells

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    6 years ago

    No it is not bad for you. I researched whether weed was bad and its not. They have done studies where it CLEARLY shows that weed killed the monkeys in the tests. However, recently there was another study where it does not kill brain cells but stimulates brain growth. Also funded by the government, another study went on where there is no fact of it causing cancer. Now, being fatigue or getting high is very different. Some people can tolerate it and it does really nothing but a small buzz yet others go crazy. Now this is different but redbull does nothing to me. I get hype for about 15 min and I get tired. Then after an hour, Im awake. My friends drink redbull, they get a headache, tired instantly, or my other friend never calms down. Weed is the same. It is not the same for everyone so be cautious. Check these websites for more info.



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    I'd say cigarettes are worse also: 1. Nasty chemicals in there 2. they're addictive! yeah, marijuana can be addictive too, but only in the way food or sex or gambling, etc. can be addictive--you really like it so you tend to crave it psychologically. cigarettes are physically addictive which is why you experience withdrawal symptoms when you quit; much harder habit to break. plus, you end up smoking much less weed than you do cigarettes because of this; it's much easier to moderate your consumption. I've never heard that marijuana kills brain cells other than in unsubstantiated alarmist literature. It's definitely not good for you to inhale smoke into your lungs, though. Marijuana does contain a lot more tar and other natural chemicals than cigarettes that are harmful. There are devices you can buy that will vaporize the THC in marijuana without "burning" the rest of the plant, so you get all the benefits without the nasty smoke inhalation--look into it if you're interested.

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    its amazing how many people are readily convinced by government propaganda that weed is bad. All it takes is one "factual" commercial saying that weed causes people to go batshit insane, and everyone automatically believes it.

    bud can be amazing for your emotional health, and also provide great experiences at social gatherings. It is not harmful PROVIDED that you don't abuse it, and only smoke in moderation. Too much of a good thing could potentially have a negative influence on you if u let it interfere with other aspects of your life. SO have the self control not to use it when u have other priorities, and as long as u do that, u will be alright.

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    Not particularly. I've never tried it, and there are all sorts of things that can go sour, but marijuana is a nearly harmless drug. The long term side effects are similar to using unfiltered cigarettes. I've met a number of people who have lost their brains to drugs, but it's always been meth or lsd. After all, a majority of Americans have at least tried it - but they don't all seem to be dribbling morons in institutions. Folks say it kills brain cells, but so do many other normal activities, like football, fingernail painting, and writing on dry erase boards.

    So, don't go nuts. And it's illegal. But a one time user won't be any different the next day.

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    they say smoking one joint is like smoking a whole pack of cig's. and it's against the law too! and when you get older your teeth start to go and so does your body and then smoking weed leads to other drugs that are worse because you just can't get that "high" anymore.. so please don't start . MAKE IT SIMPLE "YES IT'S BAD FOR YOU"

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    Well depend on how old you are! If you are too old you may get breast cancer for doing it! But if you smoke weed, you feel like you don't know what you are doing!

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    Yes, because it will get you in trouble with the law. Sucks but that's the way it is so be careful =)

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    Yes, it can be. It can mess up your lungs. It can definitely mess up your judgment. And the effects are worse if you are young enough that you are still growing. Plus it is illegal, so you could get busted.

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    It kills brain cells and if you get caught you could be arrested.

    Plus you might get shot by your dealer.

    • James5 years agoReport

      It doesnt kill brain cells, the studies which concluded that were incredibly flawed and outdated. Since then science has confirmed that THC does not kill brain cells.

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    And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.(Bible 1) There it is, straight from the big guy. The health risks for medical marijuana are often misunderstood and exaggerated. (Marijuana 3) Often people are unaware of the truth, because they are blind-sighted by the words coming from the United States government. A recent study showed, among the seventy million people all around the world who have used the natural herb, not one has died from an overdose of marijuana. (Myths 7) Yes, people die. Although, most people die due to things that they can either not control, or by overusing things that are already available to them. Marijuana only poses health risks to people who choose to use it. (Marijuana 1) Just like anyone can choose to have sex or gamble, the responsibility and consequences of their actions are for that person to take care of, and is not the business for anyone else. The living conditions for a wide variety of people with different illnesses and diseases would be greatly improved if the use of medical marijuana was available for those in need. It would help restore the appetite in people with AIDS. (Medical 2) Many people in the world have AIDS, and are living miserably in the shadows in their loneliness and humiliation. The least that our government could do is to give them prescription use of the nausea-masking herb. Obviously the medical drug would be maintained without risk of harmful substances that could be in any of the street weed. A number of countries, including our border buddies Canada, permit the use of medical marijuana. (Medical 6) They seem to have a regulated system of the controversial marijuana issue. It also seems to be working out for them, so why not The United States of America? In some places, it is even available in a pill form. (Medical 3) The pill does not have the adequate healing power that smoking the herb does. It is also more expensive. (Medical 4) There are things out there that have a worse outcome on our body than marijuana. Fatty foods cause obesity and blood clots. Should the government outlaw bacon? (Marijuana 2) A heavy amount of marijuana does not damage the brain. (Marijuana 4) This being said, any person could walk around, smoking marijuana whenever he had the chance, and still remember what he had for dinner last week. The people who use marijuana on a regular basis do not feel the mental and physical addiction to the drug. (Myths 4) There are other things out there that do make you feel like you need it to keep living, and your body may also go into withdrawals if you don’t get what you feel you need. Not only would it increase the strength in people with harmful diseases, but it would save our government billions of dollars.

    The war against marijuana is dangerous and expensive. (Examining 1) Our government cannot afford to keep spending money on keeping a harmless drug off the streets. They cannot collect taxes on an illegal drug therefore; they are making no money off of it. (Examining 2) A recent study showed and estimate of $14 billion in benefits were missing by not legalizing and taxing marijuana. (High 1) The money would help benefit not only our country, but the war in Iraq! Also, the cast savings in tax money would go to the states. (High 3) If marijuana were legalized the government would not only gain money from tax, but they could pull everyone out of prison, and would gain billions of dollars doing so. We could then spend the money putting people in rehabilitation centers, helping them get off of real drugs. The government would save $7.7 billion a year if they did not have to spend money policing and prosecuting marijuana. (High 2) That is just more money that our country could use for more beneficial use. The average street price for marijuana in $8.60 per unit. (Examining 3) It would only cost about $1.70 to grow one unit. (Examining 4) That is a profit of $6.90 that could be going to our government. If we sold and taxed marijuana people would pay the same amount for it that they do now. The highest penalty for being associated with the drug is $14,000 and seven years in jail. (Marijuana 2) There are other things out there that people don not see how dangerous it really is.

    People who support marijuana probation claim that the herb in unhealthy, and dangerous. (Alcohol 1) That may be so, but what about the people on the other side of things. Tobacco and alcohol kills more people every day than that of anything else on this world. (Alcohol 2) However, most people just look right trough that fact, and point all fault on marijuana. Alcohol is highly addictive and causes major problems to the liver and contributes to many diseases. (Alcohol 3) Part of the reason alcohol is such a big issue with young people, is that it is easy for them to get there hands on it. Most of their parents drink, and they will be exposed to a surrounding were it is expectable to drink and get drunk. But most parents do not tell their children the dangerous of it, because they do not want to act hypocritical. Alcohol kills over 100,000 Americans a year. (Tobacco 5) This could be anything from a wide range of cancers, diseases, and illness’. All are directly correlated with alcohol abuse. If it is driving while under the influence that they are afraid of, more than likely they have not looked into the problem of driving while drunk. Marijuana impairs you less than alcohol and driving dangers would be the same. (Weed 3) Than there can easily be fault pointed at cigarettes which kills over 5 million people a year all around the world. (Tobacco 7) This one tiny death stick holds more harmful things that any amount of marijuana. Just in America over 400,000 people die per year. (Tobacco 8) Not only is it dangerous, but it is available. In fact, anyone 18 and up can purchase tobacco, and anyone under that age can easily get there hands on it. (Tobacco 9) These two drugs are the ones that our government should be spending money policing and moderating, because they are indeed causing death in our country.

    Marijuana should be legalized because it helps serve a purpose. Not only for recreational use to an average citizen, but to anyone who is battling an illness, or anyone who has AIDS. It would also free up money for our government, and it is far less dangerous that alcohol and tobacco.

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