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The EWS on my 1997 BMW 528i went out. I bought a new one and the dealer says it still won't work!?

He says the "lock box" went out too. To make matters worse, the car's chip will not read the new EWS. Where can I sell a BMW in this condition and at least get some of the value?

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    Don't throw it out just yet. There are several posabillities as to what could be actually hapening. Give the people at Bavarian Autosport a call, or email 1 800 532 2002 or look them up bavaut.com

    I am not sure where you live, but find a shop outside of the dealership.


  • try here first...


    IMPORTANT: ignition must be in position 1


    many people screw the procedure up by having the ignition in position 2 (instead of position 1). Also remember to start the 2nd key on STEP 3. If you start the 2nd key on STEP 1...you will cancel the 1st key's initialization.

    Not sure about the e39...but the e38 (which has the same EWS/DWA system) has the instuctions printed in the owners manual in two different locations. See instructions in the images below...even though they are from the e38 owners manual...the instructions DO APPLY to the e39.

    Now go to the site above for the rest of the directions.

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