Did Nearly 30 DOJ Officials Threaten To Quit After the Bush admin's mafia like Ashcroft Hospital Visit?

Attorney General John Ashcroft [was] really sick. About to give a press conference in Virginia, he [was] stricken with pain so severe he has to lie down on the floor. Taken to the hospital for an emergency gallbladder operation, he hallucinates under medication as he lies, near death, in intensive care. On the night after his operation, he has two visitors: White House chief of staff Andrew Card and presidential counsel Alberto Gonzales. As described in public testimony, they want[ed] Ashcroft to sign a document authorizing the government's top-secret eavesdropping program to go on. The attorney general, who [though] the program is illegal, refuse[d].

Back at the Justice Department, there [was] an equally extraordinary scene. Appalled by the White House's heavy-handed attempt to coerce the gravely ill attorney general, virtually the entire top leadership of the Justice Department threaten[ed] to resign.


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    1 decade ago
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    And after the way this administration has run things, this type of activity surprises absolutely no one.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Israel, with the aid of fact the country that sent Pollard, has a duty in the direction of him to purpose to get him released, as long as those tries are measured and don't injury family with The U.S. united states of america government, on the different hand, shouldn't launch Pollard.

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