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United States vs. Canada?

Canada is infamous for its peaceful, drama free society. It's close to never at war and/or controversy, no one has a bone to pick with them, the ppl are friendly and I heard the crime and racism are superbly low, FREE healthcare goes to all of its citizens and for those this applies to--pot is actually legal. Canada sounds like a virtual Wonderland whereas America seems riddled by war, controversy, racism, terrorism, poor job market, high cost medical insurance and too may unisured citizens, amongst other faulty systems. Even inspite all of that, I enjoy American culture and prefer being a US citizen than anywhere else; but I know it's not just me when I say the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence?


FYI-- my question was based on things I've heard about Canada. Thanks for everyone's input to clarify things for me.

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    Canada doesn't have to raise an army and be defensive because its neighbor to the south has the most powerful arsenal in human history. Nobody picks on Canada because Canada doesn't DO anything. And if Canada did do something, its allies, including the United States, would come to its rescue.

    Also, Canada doesn't have "free health care." Seriously, do you think it's free? Nothing is for free. Taxpayers pay out the rump for health care in Canada. Whether you pay at the doctor's office or on your tax forms at the end of the year, you're paying. The worst part of Canadian health care is that it's illegal to buy private health insurance. (I heard there was a ruling in Quebec about that, but I don't know if the court's ruling applies to all the provinces. Correct me if I'm wrong.) That means the government's monopoly drives up the cost of private practice and forces people to flee to other countries if they'd like to try experimental treatments.

    The US' job market is better than Canada's job market. In fact, Canada's economy has been doing much better since it entered into NAFTA with the United States. And if you're not Canadian and you want to work in Canada, you're going to have a much more difficult time securing a job than you would as a non-American in the United States.

    Canada has a lot of positive points, but I think you're being too hard on the US. People like to ridicule the USA, but frankly countries that live in close proximity and trade with the United States benefit ten fold.

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    I live in Canada and I for one would not want to be a citizen of any other country ! We don't live in igloos we have a good standard of LIfe . Racism is not so prominant as in the USA because we do not have the history of the US .(such as the slavery issue in your past and even segregation of schools that was also not in your distant past . We do not have a prime minister who thinks of war 24 /7 that's true we are a peaceful nation and are seen that way by many others as well .You say you prefer to be American without even experiencing Canadian culture .Can you make a comparison then ? Since you are assuming your ideas on Canada it seems like you have not been to Canada. I have been to the states many times . Its interestting to visit and I don't mind that ...but I am so thankful even more when I come back to Canada.By the way many Americans also make their homes in Canada

    Source(s): By the way in Quebec it is hard to call it racism ...due to the fact when you say racism is black and white quebec it is not your skin colour that is against you's if you are anglo phone or franco phone ...I have cousins who live their as well .That is one unique province which formed their own ideas from the history with the rest of Canada . Pot is not legal so by the way I would not come here if you are expecting that
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    "Pot" is NOT legal.

    If you are found with pot on you, or even a pipe that smells vaugely of pot, then you will be arrested on the spot.

    The health-care isn't free. It kinda works like this eh...

    Everyone gives $100 to the healthcare system. The healthcare system now has (if my math is ok, which it probably isn't) 3.5 billion dollars to spend. If you get sick, you're covered by the public tax money which you contributed to.

    Now, both of my parents work in the medical field. My dad's an anesthetist, my mum a physiotherapist, and they know something.

    The healthcare system has 1 crucial flaw; three weeks ago, someone came in with a mangled leg. They had broken their leg in almost 16 places whily skydiving.

    This man was seventy-three years old. So, we, the Canadian people, had to pay SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS to get this man's leg fixed.

    Oh, and then he'll probably go and die in ten years or something like that.

    WE have to pay for THEIR stupidity.

    The racism and stuff? Yeah, people out there in Canada are probably racist. However, we originated from the British Empire; and Britain took a leading role in the attempted abolition of slavery and racism in 1833.

    If you were caught with slaves, you had to pay 100 pounds per slave (about 4 year's wages back then, eh!).

    There are harsher laws about racism and more restrictions on personal freedom (thank god), so you won't see TOO much racism around.

    We don't go to war because we do our best NOT to piss everyone off. Unforunately, your president has different ideas, so you'll be at war forever! Waaagh!

    From "eh" to "zed";


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    All countries have good things and not good things, it is no wonderland. There is plenty of racism, but there is not as much free speech to express it, so you would be in a lot of trouble if you complain about immigrants or something.

    There is plenty of internal conflicts and such, look at Quebec. Canada is involved in many things overseas you may not like. I'm sure you know that Canada is very involved in Afghanistan, and has military advisers in Iraq. Canada also has a bit of a black eye for supporting the Sudan government in its genocide in the south, so it could clear land for Canadian oil companies. This is old news, but as you can see there is no wonderland

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    Canada seems wonderful. Don't get me wrong, it is wonderful, but sometimes, its laws are way to light. People like to say that about Canada, but it's not exactly the truth.

    My Auntie lives in Quebec and the racism there is extreme. Her friend's daughter was beaten until she is literally a vegetable because she was Asian. There's racism everywhere, just depends on how far the people takes it.

    You can't compare United States and Canada because they're two different countries. But when you live in United States, you'll think Canada is better. Living in Canada, like me, you'll often find yourself wishing you lived somewhere more exciting like United States. I completely agree with your saying, the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence.

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    As a Canadian , look at the other side. You have lower taxes, you are legally allowed to protect yourself AND property, we are a nation of controversy and unbelievable wastefull government spending , we are too prissily British to have scandles, we have little Canadian culture; any we have is closely tied to Britain. Sometimes I wish we weren't so civilized, so nice, so apologetic , so drab. We have very few thoughts of our own. Peace keepers?We hear and repeat that Bull a lot. This is a country that you could retire to.

    But like you , having lived here most of my life, I wouldn't move or emmigrate either

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    Not really sure what your question is but, your facts are incorrect.

    Maijuana is not legal in Canada

    Canada is at war right now

    Crime rates per capita, particulaly violent crime, is actually higher in Canada than the US. see link below

    And can anyone tell me what the "cultural" differences are between Canada and the US?

  • Yeah, well, fantasy always trumps reality.

    I have my doubts about these glowing words about Canada; they do have the tendency to jail people for minor offenses and for longer terms. I'll stick here, even though I think the Cannucks are great people!

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