what is the name of the song Taylor Hicks sang on the American Idol Finale?

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    During the finale of Season 6...

    Taylor sang a song from his new CD-called simply TAYLOR HICKS-- which was released in December '06-

    The song form AI 5 called "HEAVEN KNOWS" and we hope you will all request it everywhere!

    For his year as American Idol, Taylor Hicks did as he was told...

    He cut that album in five weeks...mostly to the songs written by American Idol but Taylor took it and made a touchdown~!

    That's in spite of AI never giving him one SINGLE that would get played on the radio.

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    Web Address: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TaylorsWay

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    Description: We hope you're here as a person who loves Taylor for himself . . .

    For who he's always been~A complex, gifted man with a heart that extends beyond boundries...

    Taylor's Way continues to grow with Taylor on his never-ending journey into the heart & soul of the world.

    We thank him, always, for the hope & love he brings to lives . . .

    For his gift to heal the broken hearted . . .

    For the way he never lifts us up just to let us down . . .

    We rejoice with Taylor in good times . . .

    And pray with him during times of doubt, stress and the pressures of his new life.

    If you'd like to share your caring for the Heart & Soul of the one and only Taylor Hicks . . .

    You've come to the right place baby . . . yes, Indeed . . .

    Dave Matthews,


    Laura & Kathleen




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    Do I Make You Proud

  • 1 decade ago

    Do I Make You Proud

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    Do I make you proud

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    do i make you proud

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