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How do you find a winning slot machine?

Do you know of a way to go about selecting a slot machine that will pay out big? Is there a better day or time of day to play slots? Any tips or suggestions would be awesome!!!

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    The only real tip i can give you, is to tell you to play max credits on any slot you play. This will ensure that when you do hit a big payout, it will be the top prize you can get. A slot that has just hit a big jackpot is just as likely to hit again as a slot that has never hit a jackpot. You just have to be in the right place at the right time.

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    Begin with the assumption that not all slot machines pay out at the same rate and that the casino management knows which ones pay out better than others. Now ask yourself where the management would put those slot machines that payout well to get the maximum benefit. The answer is fairly straight forward. The management will put those machines where people who aren't gambling can see people winning. Does it do the casino any good if the only people who can see the player win are already gambling? Survey the casino and decide where the non-gamblers would be; near the door, in sight of the restaurant or the bar, or perhaps by the lobby. Avoid slot machines that are in the middle of the gambling area. Avoid slot machines that aren't in a casino.

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    Slot machines are a huge revenue for casinos. Slots usually have a 95-99% payout. So the house has a roughly a 5% advantage over the player. Slots have no time as to when they will payout more. The computer is supposed to payout a certain amount after so many pulls. so you could walk up to a machine and pull 20 times and not win a penny, or walk up, pull 20 times and win17 times. In my opinion, slots are there to waste time until your dinner reservation opens up or a poker table.

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    It is not random. Many networked machines are programmed to pay out certain amounts over fixed periods. If you can track the payouts then you can increase your chance of winning large amounts.

    Sadly it doesn't matter because the only thing that is guaranteed is that the casino will win in the long run. So save your money and don't gamble.

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    Only real tips I can think of are machines that are located near walkways (on ends) because casinos like to set them up there so that people walking by will see and hear more winners, getting them more into the "gambling" mode. I heard about this being read in a gambling book.

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    Well, one way would be to simply smash any machine, you ALWAYS win big that way..... just kidding. I have heard of some machines that are "better" than others because of how the figures are lined up.

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    The best way is not always the right way. This might be called lurking or cheating or whatever. But the best way is to wait until someone gets frustrated of not winning, and as soon as they leave, occupy their seat and try.

    You should win within 2-3 chances. Otherwise leave.

    This will work 70% of the time.

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    You're not going to, not for sure. It's all about luck. Although I will say this, your chances of cashing out anything might depend on your bet... if you only make the minimum bet, when you really hit something, it's not going to pay you much. If you make the max bet, yes, you might not play for long but if you hit something, you hit something.

    Source(s): I've been losing at slot machines for 4 years.....
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    i heard that if you know which ones are the new ones and have only just been installed, play them. that is because they havent had a chance to recallibrate them correctly to pay out as they need to be 'broken in' first. If you can get to them before they get calibratted to not pay out so much, you may be on to a winner

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