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Who do you hope replaces Rosie O'Donnell on the View? I hope it's Whoopi Goldberg!?

Who are you hoping will place Rosie O'Donnell on the View. I hope it's Whoopi Goldberg just for the simple fact she told Joy Behar 'let me finish" yesterday on the View. As you recall, Joy Behar was the one who started that big argument last week when she had that attitude and told Elisabeth "Wait a minute. let me finish. you had your turn to talk yesterday so today's my turn!" I thought Joy's comment was stupid and what got Elisabeth and Joy into the argument which led to the argument between Elisabeth and Rosie. So I hope Whoopi joins the cast because she would keep the lady's in check, especially Joy Behar who gets away with a lot of stuff. What about you?

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    i love whoopi but she is too boring! we need some one to replace rosie! not keep the show at the same level, we need to move it up again. by entertainment and whoopi wouldnt do that

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    Rosie O'Donnell...

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    A gay male would be a great choice and maybe if they had 2 or 3 rotating panel members it would keep peace, order, but lend itself to the 'great debates' that it has become famous for (and got fantastic ratings) since Rosie started in September '06...Whoppi is nice enough, but a little too boring and non-descript now for that show (something like Starr was without the narcisstic way s of Starr) oh, and agree with Blurr Rab on the 'looks' thing....

  • Whoopi would eventually be criticized and chastised the same way that Rosie was because she's outspoken and critical of Bush, she's not "attractive" which gives Americans ammunition to attack and if she ever gets into it with "poor little Elisabeth" then it'll be the same crap that Rosie had to go through.

    I think they should replace Rosie with an attractive female, because we have already seen that America sides with people based on looks.

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  • kacey
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    Yeah, I hadn't thought about Whoopi, but now that I do I really want her to replace Rosie! She's so well-spoken, and I think her views would help balance out the rest of the gang. I think Rosie tried to do that, but she just comes across too harshly. I think Whoopi "says it like it is," but in a more tactful manner.

    Do they all have to be women? Because it would be so hilarious to have Robin Williams on--not that he'd do it, but I'd love to see that.

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    Lucy Liu is a better choice. She's pretty and she's smart and if Elisabeth gets out of hand, Lucy knows Karate.

  • KJ
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    Rosan Bar

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    Good Answer, But I want it to be Kramer from Seinfeld he'll create more Conversity then Rosie.

  • BERT
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    I don't watch the view, but I might start if they put Carrot Top in Rosies place!

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    I thought Whoopi was HORRIBLE yesterday.....she barely said two words....let alone held a conversation.

    If they're going to keep Joy....and I'm not sure why she's there, I hope they stear away from having another comedian on there.

    The "View" is supposed to be a diverse group of women....and it has seriously lost that.

    I vote Sherri Shepard......(ok, she is a comedian).....

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