Does Taurine (like in drinks) come from bile or bull urine or neither.?

My syster thinks it does and im proving her wrong.

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    Neither! Its made in a lab therefore you will see on some cans it is suitable for vegetarians

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    Bull's Bile was the orginal source where Austrian Scientists first isolated it in 1827. However it is synthesized now. Below is what wikipedia has to say about it, the link to the page is below that.

    Urban legends surrounding the source of taurine have included bull urine extract and bull semen. While it's true that taurine is found in both sources, it is not the source of taurine in the pharmaceutical or food industry. And while taurine is sometimes extracted from the intestines of cattle, many food industry sources, including the popular energy drink Red Bull[1], make efforts to use synthesized sources that are vegetarian friendly.

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    Taurine , which is an amino acid derivative, was originally isolated by scientists in bull bile. The name is from the latin taurus, which means bull. It is found in many living things, including plants. Rest assured, your sis and you are not drinking bull urine!!

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    taurine is dervived from bull bile, can be found in plants and animals, but is manufactured synthetically for products today

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    I don`t know!


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