Does anyone know a good closer that should be in the free agent pool or someone that could become one?

I need another closer but I don't know anyone good. Does anyone know someone that should be in the free agent pool?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Let's focus on the next teams:

    Cincinnati Reds: Now is Weathers. Keep an eye on Eddie Guardado when he returns from the DL.

    Pittsburgh Pirates: Now is Salomon Torres. He'll collapse and they'll go with Matt Capps.

    Kansas City Royals: Now Octavio Dotel. With Joakim Soria on the DL, Riske is the second option.

    Atlanta Braves: Now Bob Wickman, he'll injure or collapse. Come on Rafael Soriano!

    Texas Rangers: Both Eric Gagne or Otsuka should have the same value because the former always injures, comes back and regains the job.

    Cleveland Indians: Joe Borowski is not to be trusted. But Fernando Cabrera is struggling. Maybe Tom Mastny or Rafael Betancourt are speculativo closers if something dramatic happens.

    Philladelphia Phillies: Now is Antonio Alfonseca. Track Tom Gordon's Rehab. If he returns before Brett Myers returns, he'll be the closer.

    Washington Nationals: Safe job for Chad Cordero. But if something happens, track Jesus Colome or Jon Rauch.

    Toronto Blue Jays: Easy... Jeremy Accardo. Check.

    San Francisco Giants: If Armando Benitez keeps struggling, Brad Hennesey will be Bruce Bochy's backup plan.

    Chicado Cubs: If Ryan Dempster is moved to the starting rotation... 1st chair: Angel Guzman. 2nd chair: Carlos Marmol.

    Florida Marlins: They've got a great closer in Kevin Gregg. But if they sign Troy Percival, he will be the man!

    Houston Astros: With Brad Lidge back to pro level, maybe Phil Garner will give his former closer a second, no wait, a third chance.

    That's it man. Take ur team and take ur chances!

    TIP: Watch out with the Troy Percival signing.

  • 1 decade ago

    Kevin Gregg, Marlins, may be available. Closers in waiting are Broxton, Linebrink, Shields. Pay attention to the team news closers can be changed at the drop of a hat sometimes

  • 1 decade ago

    Jeremy Accardo

    Kevin Gregg

  • garten
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    4 years ago

    From what I comprehend he can bypass returned in the draft, wherein case he will in all probability be a overdue around p.c.., like Bo Jackson. I dont think of he can grow to be a unfastened agent with the aid of fact Oakland could nevertheless carry the rights to him, except he became into traded, decrease, or went returned into the draft. Elway became into going to not play soccer in any respect. which potential they could own the rights to him yet he wouldnt be in the NFL subsequently a wasted p.c... *Edit* Reggie Bush threatened to bypass returned into the draft final twelve months while he and the Saints couldnt attain a deal.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you are lucky Jeremy Accardo of the Blue Jays or Kevin Gregg of the Marlins... thats really about it.

  • Chad K
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    1 decade ago

    Right now try Gregg - Marlins or Alan Embree is closing for the A's until Street is healthy.

  • 1 decade ago

    pick up Brad Lidge, good chance he'll get another shot at being the closer soon or be traded to a team that needs one by the trade deadline

  • 1 decade ago

    i picked up dave riske but who knows who the closer with them not winning any games.

  • 1 decade ago

    jesus colome, nationals

    taylor tankersley - marlins

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