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This morning on world news i hear about the guy that traveled with tuberculosis and might have infected other passengers. I've heard of the disease but I honestly don't know much about it. So please inform me what is TB and how is it infectious??

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    TB is a highly infectious disease spread by close contact with an infected person it is carried by airborne droplets so everytime he talked, sneezed , coughed, and took deep breaths he expelled the disease on the plane there fore going through the circulation system on the airplane to everyone, they said he was not to the highly contagious point which is where there is no symptoms and the disease progresses it becomes more and more contagious. It is a disease the affects the lungs and as it progresses it can and may affect the GI system, bones, joints, nerves, lymph nodes and skin. The form that the man on the plane had was multi drug resistant which is the deadliest form of TB and they are unable to treat with TB medications or any medications that is why he is currently quarentined he will probably remain so for quite a while very possible until death from the disease. Because it has an 80% mortality rate and treatment does take 2 years and it is a very aggressive treatment.

    People who work in the healthcare feild have to get a TB test every 1 - 2 yrs depending on your position and that is done by taking a small needle and injecting Tuberculin ( purified protein of tuberculosis) under the first layer of skin and if you have been exposed to TB or have TB it will become a red raised bump on the skin your doctor will then request a chest x-ray to determine your TB status.

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    In years gone by, TB was so infectious that people were sent to TB sanitariums to keep them away from healthier people. Many, many people On Malokai, where there is a leper colony, it is a fact that people died of TB more often than the leprosy, itself. When you are breathing the same air as one with TB, you can certainly catch it. That is why it is so important for all people working with groups of people to have yearly or semi-yearly TB testing. People with serious problems, such as HIV or any serious health problems are especially likely to catch TB if not really watched carefully. People die quicker with TB than Leprosy if they have Hansen's Disease. (so, less people have been dying of Hansen's Disease (leprosy).

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    You just do a search on TB.

    The man from Georgia is infected with a rare form called "extensively drug-resistant TB, or XDR-TB."

    That means the usual medications given to treat TB are not working on him. Here is more info:


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