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Is the media to blame for the belief in the myth of global warming?

There is conclusive evidence that the facts aren't there for global warming and that the earth goes through cycles (for example temps have DROPPED for the past 8 years in the southern hemisphere). However, if there is no GW, people don't get money to meet their agendas. But, most people don't investigate the facts. They choose rather to believe interpretations of facts through a filter (the media). IF most people are smart; is the media to blame?

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    I've asked this question so many times and have never received an answer, perhaps you can be the first.

    Where is the credible scientific evidence that disproves global warming?

    Yes the Earth goes through cycles - the shortest is a precessional (gyroscopic) cycle that lasts 19,000 years, we're talking about global warming occuring in a matter of decades not millennia.

    The southern hemisphere has NOT been cooler for the last 8 years. Parts of central South America have been cooler than average but that's all. The rest of the world has been warmer.

    GW is not about money, there is much more to be made researching medicine, petrochemicals, pharmacuticals etc. If scientists were in it for the money they'd research other thnings.

    I do investigate the facts, all of them. I have done for 23 years, it's what I do, it's what I'm qualified to do.

    I've never got my facts from the media - I rely on my own research, that of people I know and trust and first hand sources.

    The media is to blame for the skepticism. For the best part of 100 years global warming was studied and never disputed by the experts. Politicians and the media involved themselves and the skepticism began. Interestingly the skepticism only started when the non experts became involved.

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    Hey, Es99 is actually almost right. The media has to take a lot of blame when it comes to global warming. For the exact opposite reason as he claims, but he's right about the blame about a myth.

    Over 90% of experts on global climate agree that global warming has primarily been caused by humans. Thus fair and balanced reporting (the real kind, not the FOX kind) would have over 90% of articles/reports/etc. discussing global warming as the accepted concensus among experts. Instead you always get the journalists faux balanced reporting where they give both sides equal time - finding one of the experts and then some crackpot who's usually funded by the oil industry to give the side of "skeptics" as though they have equal weight.

    The skeptics should certainly be given the opportunity to voice their disagreements, but they shouldn't be given equal media time as the overwhelming majority. That's like every political story interviewing a Republican politician and then interviewing a Green Party politician, assuming it wasn't widely known that the Green Party only gets a few percent of the vote.

    The funny thing is you get guys like Es99 complaining that the so-called "liberal media" - which basically no longer exists - is responsible for creating bias in favor of global warming reality, when in reality the media's bias is creating false doubt about it! Well, maybe it would be funny if it weren't so harmful to our entire species and planet.

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    No, it's those damn scientists and their damn (peer reviewed) data.

    Because of the data 99+% of scientists around the world believe global warming is real and mostly caused by us. And any number of very distinguished people, too.

    "I wasn’t convinced by a person or any interest group—it was the data that got me. I was utterly convinced of this connection between the burning of fossil fuels and climate change. And I was convinced that if we didn’t do something about this, we would be in deep trouble.”

    Vice Admiral Richard H. Truly, USN (Ret.)

    Former NASA Administrator, Shuttle Astronaut and the first Commander of the Naval Space Command

    Here are two summaries of the mountain of peer reviewed data that convinced Admiral Truly, short and long.

    "There's a better scientific consensus on this [climate change] than on any issue I know - except maybe Newton's second law of dynamics. Global warming is almost a no-brainer at this point,You really can't find intelligent, quantitative arguments to make it go away."

    Dr. Jerry Mahlman, NOAA

    Supporting the wrong theory is not a good career move in science.

    Good websites for more info:

    "climate science from climate scientists"

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    for your information i had to do a 10 page report on global warming and everything i found said there was global warming today, and if it has dropped why are all the ice caps melting? and why is it a proven fact that the earth is heatin up .01 degrees every year? plus, the green house gases have become worse and worse over the years so the teperature is just gonna keep rising every year from addin .01 to .1 every year so its not like its just gonna keep addin .01 degrees every year, green house gases are just gonna keep getting worse and hold more and more heat in.

    so global warmin is NOT a myth at all its just u cant see it because it's doing it gradually. for example, you put a frog in boiling water, the frog jumps right out, but if you put that same frog in lukewarm water then gradually make the temperature higher and higher, the frog will stay in the water. so global warming does exist you just cant see it.

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    Ice cores from over thousands of years ago show that there has never been as much CO2 as there is now. And you really can't make up the fact that the ozone is getting destroyed and the fact that glaciers are at an ALL time low.

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    That goes too far.

    It's not a myth.

    It's an unproven theory.

    Still unproven after governments have spent billions of taxpayer dollars not trying to find out but specifically trying to prove it so they could justify limits on commercial activity.

    And in a free society you can't impose such limits based on an unproven theory.

    They might prove it someday.

    I'm not holding my breath - they're too busy trying to rewrite the known climate history rather than looking for proof of what's driving the present climate.

    I also think that if they're going to keep trying to prove it, they should do so on their own dime.

    .....And circling their wagons and repeating ad nauseum that it's us isn't the same thing as proving it, Bob.

    Colleen you're proving MY point - the last time CO2 levels were this high was 650,000 years ago. But it's been warmer than it is today twice, and was almost as warm once, for multi-century periods just since the last Ice Age. So we KNOW that they were caused by some factor or set of factors that WASN'T CO2.

    And Trevor, again, it's not my burden of proof - it's yours. In a free society the burden of proof has to be on the side that wants to limit otherwise free activity. You can't prove to Pat Robertson that your non-born-again-Christian lifestyle is NOT going to bring about the end of the world - so should we have to limit our lifestyles the way HE wants? Of course not!!!! Same standard has to apply to everyone, including Al Gore.

    Orl - yes, it's warming - just like it has in the past. There's no proof that it's US.

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    Yes, the liberal's media is just that, a propaganda machine to spread falsehoods in the form of inaccurate or contrived data, polls etc., what ever the current agenda demands.

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    Even if it were untrue, Do you like breathing CO2. Look at the science (ignore the media) and find out for yourself.

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    the media is to blame for making people believe its a myth

    and you seem to have been affected by it .

    And i Hardly ever see a new paper or watch TV so i cannot blame them

    go to the jungles of Oaxaca ,see the deforrested mountains ,talk to the indians ,and they will tell you that before they cut the trees the mountain had a lot of clouds ,and there was a lot of rain .and the days were not so hot ,and the river was bigger

    Now it is different.

    the mountain behind it had lots of clouds as well as lots of trees and lots of rain ,and the rivers coming from that mountain are bigger and run all year round .

    this is one case ,and i have seen many in Mexico and Africa ,

    Rivers have dried up,forrest disappered and everywhere this has happened the climate changed from,bearable days and bearable nights to,very cold nights (in Chiapas people has frozen to death on deforrested mountains or cooked and died of heat waves in the day .

    I have seen heavily wooded areas with reasonable climate changed in 10 years to dessert ,because the people had cut all the trees for building and fire wood ,and then ended up in big trouble ,with a dessert with out water or rain and the crops would not grow freezing at night and cooking in the day ,

    Granted these are local incidents ,with local climate changes but there are so many of them all over the world ,Africa ,South and central America

    Mexico looses half a million hectares every year and this is increasing ,Borneo,Asia ,you name it .

    that you cannot convince me that collectively this is NOT AFFECTING GLOBAL WEATHER ,Global precipitation,Global absorbsion of Carbon ,global rivers global everything


    Maybe the sun is having a stroke

    maybe i am about to have one

    by these consistant blissfull people

    Are you trying to sell us the idea that mankind is NOT screwing the planet up ,because we are

    If the Sun also decides to have a go ,so be it .

    Global warming is very popular in the cosmos ,Mars,and Neptune are also getting in on the act .

    But still even if all the planets start to melt ,this does not absolve Humanity from the damage they are doing to our Environment


    Irresponsible Agriculture , expanding populations and its effects are the planets biggest enemies.

    This text only covers some aspects of Climate change ,i.e.effects of deforestation and subsequent man made desertification ,because of irresponsible farming using chemicals ,over pumping carbon aquifers,over grazing ,wild fires (because of slash and burn gone out of control).

    Water and air polution ,such as caused by

    industrial contamination ,the contaminating effects of the cities(the internal combustion engine) ,are other stories.

    All of these are also man made ,such as the high industrial chimneys pumping contamination into the clouds and the burning of tires,some of this polution has been found in the ice in the polar regions.

    There are natural cycles in the planets life

    but a lot is influenced by mans existance ,this is increasing with overpopulation,putting strains on Natural resources and increasing contaminations .

    The thinner ozone layer helps to speed this up. This is caused mainly by air polution ,also as a result of mans actions.

    In North Africa,India,Mexico ,millions of people are effected by land loss , desertification and some have died as a result.

    Now many animals are becoming sick because of changes in temperature .

    Vital links in the food chains are disapearing affecting other species further along in the chain .

    We are witness to a mass exstinction ,for the first time since the dinosaurs.

    Of the earth's estimated 10 million species, 300,000 have vanished in the past 50 years.

    Each year, 3,000 to 30,000 species become extinct.

    Everything is happening so fast it is not possible to monitor things any more.

    The Sahara is growing by 7 kilometers a year.

    Most of the desserts are as a results of mans actions.And they are increasing .In the dinosaurs days ,there were few desserts.

    Collectively this planet is drying up .

    Each degree rise in temperature means 10%crop loss

    There is less and less water (because of deforestation),to irrigate Agriculture.

    Arable lands and their farms are lost all over the globe. Many farmers sons abandon farming and head for the cities.

    Northern China is drying up, what once were millions of food producing people, are now hungry refugees ,running for their lives from the all consuming dust storms.

    This will have a great effect on world food prices when they start buying at what ever cost, to feed their people.

    The farmers that are left have to feed some 70 million more people than the year before but with less topsoil(because of desertification and irreverible erosion)

    Over the last half century,

    Population growth & rising incomes have tripled world grain demand from 640 million tons to 1,855 million

    In the near future the global farming community will not be able to feed every body ,food prices will continue to rise. .


    The northpole is melting ,and we will know it without ice in our life times.

    This does not affect the sea level ,because it is ice that is already in the water.but the melting ice from Green land and the south pole ,and the Glaziers is potable water lost forever and rises the sea levels.

    Are We responsible ?

    Is it the Sun?

    Is it God who wants to punish us?

    Is it Gaia who wants to clean some parasitic infestation?

    Is it a Natural cycle?

    Who cares ? that is not important any more

    WHAT IS important -is that we are gonna be in trouble

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    You've got spots on yer brain

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