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Im currently looking at shifting my carreer from a software QA engineer to being an Oracle DBA. I already have an offer from a leading company but would like to know if it would be a fulfilling job. I have taken up Oracle as my subject way back in college and became interested in a way but haven't really applied this knowledge in the real world. Another thing is I would like to know if there is going to be an increasing demand for oracle professionals in the future? Which would make more money? being an Oracle DBA or Oracle developer?




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    Oracle DBAs are always in demand because wherever you have an Oracle Database, you need qualified personnel to maintain, fine tune and fix the database and database errors. Morever, customers having an Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite -ERP) instance always keep a number of Oracle Applications DBAs. However, the ratio of DBAs to Developers is very skewed. Maybe for every 10 developers, only 1 DBA is required. Moreover, an Oracle Developer is required to know a number of different languages including SQL,PL/SQL and even Java and XML to some extent, apart from tools like Oracle Forms and Reports. A DBA on the otherhand need involve himself with the Oracle database only and focus on its structure, tuning etc.

    If you still feel unsure as to whether you want to go in for a DBA job profile, I would recommend that you either take up the Oracle Certification Course (OCA/OCP) for DBAs or at least go through the study material as it will indicate to you as to whether you have the required bend of mind and more importantly, as to whether you'll truely like doing what the DBA job entails doing.

    Bye , best of luck and take care :-)

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