why Muslims don't help Kurds?

why muslims only think or help palestin peaple .kurds are muslim.10000000 kurds(children.men.women) were killed by iran.iraq.turkie .syria govermants in 25 years only.muslims didnot help or think kurds.those govermants kill many kurds now.but muslims donot help or protection kurds.kurds help muslims now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.so i hate muslims very much .why peaple of world only think or help or protection to palestin peaple in muslims.kurds are human.kurds were killed more than palestin peaple.10000000 kurds in 25 years only.10000 palestin in 50 years.why??????????????????please answre me realy.i donot want joke.so i hate muslims very much.

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    hi.how are you?i am from Greece.i like Kurds very much.i think Kurds are the most sinless people in the world.your dear country isn't freedom because Arab governments (Iraq.Syria)and Turkey government and Persian government(Iran) don't like Kurds and hate Kurds.Muslims are bad and terrorist people and we don't have really Muslims in the world.Muslims (all of Arabs like Palestine .iraq.syria.egypt .lebnon.gordan.......and Malaysia and other Muslims in the world only think to Palestine people and don't see Kurds as Muslims.you right.international centers don't speak about Kurds and they only speak about Palestine. and this is worst injustice in the world.because 10000000 sinless (children.men .women) were killed by turkie.iran.iraq.syria.govermants. in 25 years only.and international world didn't speak about it.and those governments kill many Kurds now. in iran.syria.turkie.but international world don't help and don't speak about it.you right.in Turkey Kurds cannot speak.in Iraq Georg bush helped Kurds and Kurds are freedom.now.in Syria Kurds cannot speak Kurdish and ....in Iran Kurds are killing by toxic (foods and water)and by other things.but international world don't say anything.i am sorry very much for our world and people of world special Muslims.my dear friend if you want help for Kurds please say me.i am very pleased to helping Kurdish people.have a nice time .i think kurdish people are best people in the world.becausa kurds think to most of people of world.now most of europa contries like italy.greece.france.sweden.holland and .... like help kurds.bye

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    1 decade ago

    The muslims can not even help them self. There is a rampant murder rage going on in their own communities. The muslim society is on the verge of an complete moral and humanitarian collapse.

  • 1 decade ago

    The Kurds are self-reliant and independent and everyone want the oil field in their region.

  • Dawn C
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    1 decade ago

    its all about money and who has more of it, plain and simple

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