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P.S 勿用翻譯機直接翻譯

1. 5/28 待廠商寄出3PIN CONN ,料到後+7個工作天出貨

2. 5/28 choke客供料已到,目前尚等浪管:黑色FLEXA#0233.202.010(客供) (廠商 5/16表示已寄出,但經由FEDEX查詢,FEDEX訊息是在加拿大等清關)& Terminal:MOLEX#19001-0003(客供--共需3100pcs,庫存量1879pcs)(廠商5/16未寄出此項客供料,待確認),料到4個工作天可以出貨

3.5/25 寄出50pcs樣品, 待承認後需加 7個工作天即可出貨

4.HONDA CONN 原廠交期未確認,料到貨+5個工作天可出貨


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    1.5/28 待廠商寄出3PIN CONN ,料到後+7個工作天出貨

    The 3PIN CONN will be shipped out on May 28. Once we receive the material, we can deliver the goods within 7 working days.

    2. 5/28 choke客供料已到,目前尚等浪管:黑色FLEXA#0233.202.010(客供) (廠商 5/16表示已寄出,但經由FEDEX查詢,FEDEX訊息是在加拿大等清關)& Terminal:MOLEX#19001-0003(客供--共需3100pcs,庫存量1879pcs)(廠商5/16未寄出此項客供料,待確認),料到4個工作天可以出貨

    The Choke materials that are provided by the customer had been received on May 28. We are now waiting for the delivery of black tube, FLEXA#0233.202.010. According to Fedex tracking information, the cargo had already been sent on May 16 and it is now to be declared in Canada. On the other hand, Terminal:MOLEX#19001-0003 which 3100pcs is supposed to be provided by the customer, the current inventory is 1879pcs, hadn’t been sent on May 16. This is to be confirmed. Once the material is received, we can deliver the good within 4 working days.

    3.5/25 寄出50pcs樣品, 待承認後需加 7個工作天即可出貨

    Regarding the 50pcs sample received on May 25, it is to be confirmed and will be delivered after 7 working days.

    4.HONDA CONN 原廠交期未確認,料到貨+5個工作天可出貨

    The delivery of HONDA CONN does not confirm yet. We can ship out the goods after 5 working days once the material is received.


    The current orders are still pending. We are now processing transfer from A to B.


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    1. On 28th May, awaiting 3PIN CONN from the supplier, and the products will be shipped after 7 working days once when the materials have been received.

    2. The materials from client Choke arrived on the 28th of May, at this stage we are still waiting for the tubes: Black FLEXA#0233.202.010 (required by client), the supplier has confirmed that the materials were sent dated 16th May, and FEDEX has informed that the materials are going through the clearance from Canada's Custom (Terminal: MOLEX#19001-0003 (requested by client, which required 3100 pieces in quantity, and 1879 x warehouse stock). Supplier has not sent the materials on the 16th May, we are still waiting for the confirmation. We are expecting all products could be shipped in 4 working days.

    3. On 25th May, 50 pieces of samples have been sent, it takes 7 days to produce the products upon approval.

    4. Honda Conn's original manufacturer has not confirm the date for goods handling, we estimate that 5 working days later should be able to produce the goods.

    5. Order request form is still pending at this stage, we have already transferred our Proforma from Manufacturer A to B.

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    5/28 Wait for the manufacturer to send 3PIN CONN, expect that back +7 pieces of job it produce the goods

    2.5/28 Choke guest supports the material to arrive, still waits for waves to manage at present: (5/16 of manufacturer express and already send black 0233.202.010 of FLEXA (guest supports), whether but via inquire about by FEDEX, FEDEX information in Canada custom clearance), & Terminal. (guest supports 19001-0003 of MOLEX - -Altogether it take 3100pcs,volume of stock 1879pcs) (send 5/16 of manufacturers there aren't the guest, wait not confirming), expect that 4 pieces of job it can produce the goods

    3.5/25 Send 50pcs sample, need to add 7 pieces of job it and produce the goods after admitting

    4.HONDA CONN former factory hands in one unacknowledgedly, expect the goods +5 pieces of job it can produce the goods

    5.Order pending still at present, is it is it transfer Shan to B manufacturer by A manufacturer to go on to begin already

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