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中文翻英文 (急~~) 贈20點




顎裂 唇顎裂 Cleft Palate and Cleft-Lip

針氈 neddle felting

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    漢堡 我是楊巧 對不起 昨天我們整個Nathan附近網路都大整修

    我連了一個小時都連不上網 到現在才有網路用


    可能我自己翻譯的也不是很好 但是你可以參考看看

    The difference between cleft Palate and cleft-Lip is that the lip has flesh or not.It is not easy to discover it when people just have a look, and it seens like an indistinct mark.Most people believe that a scar is ugly, however, it still have its expectation.

    都是用很簡單的英文文法組成的 但是我要跟你說

    你在這段裡面說 這道疤痕的美麗 又說這道疤痕的醜陋

    在洋人的文化裡面 他們會覺得你的語意不明

    也就是說 他們沒有辦法想像又美麗又醜陋的東西

    舉個例子 又柔又剛 這個就是體會不出來的感覺對他們來說

    當你使用這種中文的時候 在英文真的是行不通的 他們不知道你想要表達什麼 並不是什麼文章都可以中翻英的 像是我在改Barbie的文章的時候 我把她的原本的句子都換掉 只留下意思的道理一樣

    還有 因母親留下 因母親而生 我想這個你應該本來就會

    昨天我幫你看了一下你自己翻譯的 不錯 可是有一個大重點


    可是你每句的翻譯卻都有 I think 這邊是我不能了解的 是每一句話都是你自己想出來的嗎?

    如果可以的話 晚上用msn聊 一起翻譯看看其他兩小段吧!!

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    Jaw crack and lips jaw split of the dissimilarity lay in lips and don't lack a piece of meat, is having no obvious characteristic externally, seem an invisible mark, follow behind inseparablely.The most people thinks the scar formation is ugly, the beauty of this scar formation, is because he exists of meaning, because the mother leaves, getting because of mother.

    Seem to mold own body the organ of one part in the process of cushion of needles, repetition cushion of needles, not only indicate painful feeling, but also seem a love of remembering the mother.

    The scar formation be an in the everyone's eyes likely to be drawback, ugly, isn't the ugly fracture that the mother gives to me, but the mark that the mother leaves for himself.

    But more people his voice to touched

    Appreciate the emotion that his humble character enriches

    BE dancing on the stage to feel ashamed of he

    Have already grown an attraction to wear deeply public while singing a song

    The voice changed countenance thus how ability does on bed terms everyone share??


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