how many people were on the first moon flight?

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    If you are referring to the first flight ever to the moon then....

    what the hell...what Neil Armstrong?!?!?

    First man on the moon flight was Yuri Gagarin. I don't know who else was with him. But sure as hell it wasn't Neil Armstrong. Neil was the first to walk on the moon, but not the first to land on it.

    But if you are talking about American history then there were three: Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin

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    Three: Charles Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders.

    The first moon flight was Apollo 8 with the crew listed above. The first LANDING was Apollo 11, with Neil Armstrong (Command Pilot), Edwin Aldrin (Lunar Module Pilot), and Michael Collins (Command Module Pilot).

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    Apollo 11 w/ three passengers

    Command Pilot : Neil Armstrong

    Lunar Module Pilot: Edwin Aldrin

    Command Module Pilot : Michael Collins

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    The crew of Apollo 11 was :

    Neil A. Armstrong, Commander; Michael Collins, Command Module pilot; and Buzz Aldrin, Lunar Module pilot

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    no person has ever died on a U.S. flight to the moon. can no longer say something approximately deaths in the time of Soviet missions. In April, 1970, Apollo 13 had an explosion in a gas cellular, which led to them to abort the venture, yet all 3 astronauts decrease back effectively to the Earth. In January, 1967, 3 astronauts (Roger Chaffee, Gus Grissom and Ed White) died in the time of an Apollo education consultation on the launch pad. On January 28, 1986, the gap holiday Challenger disintegrated seventy 3 seconds after launch simply by failure of the remarkable stable rocket booster, killing all seven astronauts on board. In 2003, the gap holiday Columbia disintegrated in the time of re-get admission to simply by fact of harm to warmth tiles led to in the time of launch. All 7 team contributors died. not one of the holiday missions have been ever missions to the moon.

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    three.....don't you know your history?

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