What is up with Filipino Americans?

What is up with Filipino Americans? why do they lie about having Spanish blood in them? They don't even look Spanish. Some of them even say that todays Filipinos are actually Mexicans. I looked it up because i couldn't believe it because they look like Asians or South East Asians, and learned that only 3% of 87 million Filipinos have any European ancestry, not necessarily Spanish, but the funny thing is 97% of the Filipinos that tell me what they are say they are Spanish Filipinos. I just don't get it? why are they lying?

*note* I'm only talking about Filipino Americans here.


oh and for those who don't know why Filipinos have Spanish names, it wasnt because the have Spanish blood in them. Here is info why the Spaniards gave Filipinos Spanish names.


Update 2:

oh and Elvi, im not saying that they are mixed with Mexicans i'm saying they are not but they tell people they are.

*and to the others, i am not cliaiming to know all Fil Ams but i know over a hundred of them due to a few circumstances such as i run the local Filipino Basketball League, and i can only go on what i hear and see obviously.

Update 3:

reply to SBD1.

I didnt call everyone liars, i called Filipino Americans liars, and i admit i used the wrong wording i should have said most. I have read up on Filipino history and i even know Filipinos who tell me, in fact it was those Filipinos (not the ones im accusing) that told me about the IMSCF Syndrome.

2ndly, i believe that it is you and quite a number of Fil Ams that need a shrink lol, ESPECIALLY going on the info you guys (people replying) are trying to pass up as fact. You guys are really touchy when someone publicly reveals the truth about Filipinos and the % that have Spanish. You only need to read up on The Philippines from credible research such as the sites ive been going to (www.gov.ph site from Philippines, only 1 of the sites ), to know that Your Spanish surnames were given to you and not out of ancestory.

some of you FilAms actually think like white people in the sense you group Asians as being oriental chinese or korean type Asians.

Update 4:

Indians dont care about being Asian, why? because its just a fact of life, they come from a country that is geographically in Asia, deal with it. Malays, Indonesians dont care being called Asian even though theyre language has alot of similaritys with Maori and Hawaiin and theyre culture is so different to an Oriental one, why? because they are in ASIA. I have been to The Philippines and Filipinos there are real nice people and they think of themselves as asian as well. Thats why i directed the question at Filipino Americans, because its the Filipino Americans that have such a problem with their identity.

seriously, some of you are real touchy and its kinda proving my point with some of your answers.

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    hmm i don't think you think all Filipinos are liars, but i think you worded some bits in your question wrong. I'm guessing you want to know what makes Filipino Americans not proud of being full Asian?

    well there is a whole lot of stuff on the web i think. I too have met Filipinos that told me they were Spanish even though its quite obvious they are not.

    I think it comes down to them having not much of a "popular cultural identity", i asked my good Filipino friend whether he speaks Tagalog and he said "na man thats embarrassing, thats an old language, Filipinos speak Spanish now". I was surprised because we learnt about Asia in High School and i was sure Filipinos spoke Tagalog. So i looked it up and yea, in fact there is only 16,000 people who speak Spanish in the Philippines.

    I think it may also come from the colonial times, where Filipinos have lived under white people and told and made to feel that looking white is better than looking asian. This is not a recent idea from Filipinos but rather from a couple of

    Generations ago. So imagine your grandpa tells your mom or dad that they have Spanish in them even though he knows he dosent, they believe it their whole life and pass on that knowledge to you. It is a very deep "lie".

    Check out the IMSCF Syndrome. It explains a lot.


    just my thought.

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    Check this out, having read many books on the history of the Philippines, bottom line is, is that the history is quite diverse and it is real difficult to find the bottom history of my country. Yeah, we all can go about the Spanish conquered us and America governed it for a while and so on and so forth. But finding good information on the philippines pre-hispanic era is quite difficult. One would say that the Philippines was uninhabited and now a new discovery has been found of a prehistoric human like bones. So really it is very hard to trace our roots through our rich history. I do wonder sometimes why filipinos brag about being part Spanish (when the spanish killed and raped my people during the conquering of the philippines and imagine the injustice). But on the other hand, I also question why filipinos considered themselves to be asian, like chinese or Korean, when we have nothing in common with those cultures, AT ALL! However, I dont call everyone liars as you did, if that is how they want to live, let them be and seek a psychiatrist. Also you cannot just go by the way people LOOK, as you put it, because there are many Puerto Ricans, Dominicans,etc that look Black. Learn about being culturally sensitive and before you get hurt, (and I am NOT threatening you), it is just the truth. Some people are quite sensitive when it comes down to their culture. I am Filipino! NOT ASIAN, NOT SPANISH, FILIPINO!

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    Maybe you shouldn't make sweeping generalizations about a certain culture. After all, I know that you cannot have talked to all Filipino Americans, yet you make it sound as if you have asked each and everyone of them! It's like assuming all Irish are drunks or all Italians are in the mafia. Traditionally, there has been a lot of cultures mixing because at certain times in history, these countries have been conquered and colonized. The conquerers would naturally have mixed with the native population. You say that they are lying, but sometimes stories get passed on through family about one's origins and sometimes might or might not have a little truth in them. Besides, does anyone really know their complete ancestry? BTW, Spanish Filipinos comprise the seventh largest ethnic group in their country. Also BTW, Spanish and Mexican are not the same thing! After all, Mexico was conquered by Spain also, and the Spanish mixed with the native indian population there, same as they did in the Phillipines.

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    They are not lying. Many are a mix of Spanish, Chinese or American descent. They were ruled by Spanish people for 333 years even though they live in the US, doesn't mean don't have Spanish blood in them.

    They also have influence from Spanish and Mexican, as well Chinese and Indian cultures.

    However, if they have De la Cruz as their last name, they have more Spanish or Mexican influence than Chinese. I don't know why people think anyone with the last name De la Cruz can be Asian.

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    1 decade ago

    umm i never hear anyone saying that filipino americans are actually mexican. the spanish took over and ruled over the philippines from 1521-1898. that's why most filipinos are roman catholic and why a lot of filipino culture has MAJOR spanish influences. they aren't lying about having spanish blood in them. if you look at the different types of filipino people in the philippines you can tell which filipinos have more spanish blood in them over others. just as there many who will tell you they have spanish blood they're also many who will tell you they don't. also at least in southern california, most filipinos get upset when you mix them up with mexican-americans because of their spanish last name. my family's last name is also spanish. not to be racist against mexicans or anything it's just that there a lot of mexican americans here in so cal and filipinos are usually pretty proud of their heritage. i know i am.

    Source(s): half filipino and an american
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    1 decade ago

    not all of them lie. many of them are proud of being fully filipino. some of them may claim they have Spanish blood probably because they want to be accepted in America, they want to claim they have white blood (spanish blood) because there are some Americans that are a bit predjudice like you against non white people.probably the ones you have confronted do have some Spanish blood just that they have more indigenous blood in them than Spanish blood.they do not look loke mexicans either. They are of asiatic descent. It might be for different reasons that they claim to have Spanish blood and it is only some of them.but i think majority of them accept themselves as full blooded filipinos and are proud to be so.

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    1 decade ago

    Ya Filipinos are mixed, thats what makes it hot. Slaves even dropped off there hundreds of years ago. So alot of them got some Afro in them as well. Just like Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Repub..ect. Question is, which individual can trace it.

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    Sorry.. no idea. This is the first time I heard about Filipinos are mixed with mexicans.

    I have to asked my Filipino's friend to confirm.

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    1 decade ago

    sorry to burst your bubble but why does it matter if their american fillipinos or straight from the phillipines? and for that matter there were many spanish colonies in the phillipines and the MAJORITY of fillipinos have spanish in them i bet they even have a hispanic last name....and you say 97% of the fillipinos you ask...i doubt you have ever even asked more than 3 or 4 fillipinos so dont try to sound as if you have asked the whole island

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    1 decade ago

    What are u upset about? Philipinos are dope! Don't worry about them and stop calling them liars. You obviously got ur info all wrong. Get a hobby or two - contribute to a better world ... do something...

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