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when do I cut the grass after laying sod?

I layed sod two weeks ago how soon after do I cut the grass?

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    Your PRIMARY CONCERN for new sod should be daily watering to the point of saturation (sometimes twice a day) to encourage root growth and avoiding shock until the roots take hold etc. Note that sod should be laid promptly (no more than 2 days) after you get it ...otherwise it's necessary to keep it in a cool shady spot. Also the seams and corners will dry out faster than other spots so pros recommend adding a top dressing of topsoil along the edges. After 10 days or so, the sod should be firmly in place and you could begin watering every other day. Maybe after 3 weeks it will be firmly rooted and walkable. When the grass blades start getting longer and show signs of unevenness and look untidy, it is then ready for a haircut/mowing. Before doing so, I would recommend you checking your lawnmower height for the highest setting about 3 inches. Please note that Lawn experts claim you should never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade at any one time. Also you might want to apply fertilizer about a month after laying the sod down. Good Luck!

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    I was always told not to cut the grass until it rooted. gently pull on a corner to see if the roots have taken hold. I would think that you can cut the lawn within a week from now. you also may wish to raise the cutting deck high for the first few cuts.

    speaking of which, make sure your mower blade is sharp. inspect the cut grass to see a clean cut and not tattered blades of lawn. your grass will appreciate it!.

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    normally you shouldn't cut it till it reaches 3 inches in length

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