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History Questions?

I have to define/Identify

-Silent Majority

-John Mitchell

-Senator George McGovern


-The Plumbers




-H.R. Haldeman

-Love Canal

-Liberation Theology



-Spiro Agnew

-G. Liddy



-Revenue Sharing

-Mao Zedong

-Saturday Night Massacre

-Conservative Backlash


-Yom Kippur War

-Oil Embargo

1. Did President Ford's pardon of Nixon help hinder the country?

3.Explain the discontent in Latin American countries.

4.How did Nixon improve relations with the Soviet Union and China?

5.How did Nixon gain votes in the sounth in the 1972 election?

6.Describe the effect that the oil crisis in the Middle East had on America.

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    The Silent Majority was a term that Nixon coined during his first term to describe all the people who disagreed with the anti-Vietnam protestors and supported the US participation in the war. They were quieter than the protestors, but he felt there were more supporters than not. Hence "silent majority"

    John Mitchell was US Attorney General

    McGovern was a Senator from South Dakota and Democratic candidate for President in 1972.

    Recession is an economic term for shrinking economy.

    The Plumbers were the men who broke into the Watergate offices of the Democratic National Committee.

    SALT was a treaty signed by the US and USSR...Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty.

    Realpolitik was a German term. Basically it means pragmatic politics instead of ideological politics.

    Brezhnev was the leader of the USSR after Stalin. Nasty man

    HR Haldeman was Nixon's White House Chief of Staff. He went down in Watergate.

    Love Canal was a finger of water off the Niagara river in NYS near Niagara Falls that ended up being massively polluted by toxic waste dumping. The EPA ended up condemning all the land and moving people out. The scandal came right after the massive PBB scandal in Michigan and showed that the US government had been shirking its responsibilities to protect the environment.

    Liberation Theology was a Catholic doctrine that came out of South America. Basically it thought that Jesus was not only our Savior, but he led us out of political oppression (hence the reason it came out of a very nasty South America at a time that despots had taken over.) It got a bishop in Nicaragua killed in the middle of saying mass. Much of the Second Vatican Council centers on this theology.

    EPA=Environmental Protection Agency

    Spiro Agnew was Nixon's first VP. He got in trouble with the IRS, got disbarred in Maryland and ended up in prison for a bit. He resigned in the beginning of the scandal and that's when Ford was confirmed as VP.

    G. Gordon Liddy was a psycho who worked in the White House. He went down for his role in Watergate. Now he hosts a radio show for the ultra-right wingers.

    Detente was an agreement between the super powers not to seek out conflicts with each other that could escalate to nuclear war.

    Mao was the Chairman of the Peoples' Republic of China

    The Saturday Night Massacre was when Nixon dumped the Special Prosecutor and a bunch of other high ranking attorneys in the government. That's when people became convinced of his complicity in Watergate and started pushing for either impeachment or his resignation.

    OPEC = Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. It's a cartel of all the major players in the oil market. In the 70s they got a little upset with the US over our support of Israel in the Arab-Israeli war ca 1973 and hiked prices sky high with an embargo of the US. It was the first time we realized that we had to create more fuel-efficient cars and stop our complete dependence on other countries. The Alaskan pipeline came quickly after that.

    Yom Kippur War...I reserve my unfavorable statements about Israel's aggressions. But suffice to say, it was a pivotal point in history and has led to much of what we're dealing with today in the Middle East.

    Oil Embargo...see OPEC above.

    1. Ford had to pardon Nixon for the country to start healing and to move forward.

    3. Latin America was a mess. It wasn't just "discontent" was outright repression. See "liberation theology" above.

    4. Nixon was actually a master at Foreign Relations. Kissinger put him in a beautiful position and he used it well. See SALT above, also look up the term Rapproachment when it comes to China.

    6. We had a horrible time. Cars couldn't run because people couldn't afford the gas. Car pools started and states even put in carpool-only lanes on expressways. Drivers started carrying cans of gas in their trunks in case they ran out while waiting in line at the fuel pumps...only the gas ignited in all the heat and exploded the back of the cars.

    Detroit never figured out the need to make more fuel-efficient cars, but Datsun (now Nissan) and Toyota sure did. That's when Detroit lost its massive monopoly on the auto market to the Japanese.

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