What to wear for a middle school casual dance?

Hey! I am 13 and i have no idea what to wear to my middle school dance. Its pretty casual. most people just wear jeans and a teeshirt. But im not most people. what can i do to stand out?

1) what outfit should i wear

2)what should i do with my hair

3)what should i do about makeup

4) how can i make guys ask me to dance


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    How about a cute sleeveless summer dress.

    hair-half up or half down

    or a tight pony tail: http://glamourmag.typepad.com/fashionbeauty__insid...

    makeup: light and subtle.

    *clear lip gloss

    *matching eye shadow


    *blush if wanted.

    If you are having a good time and it shows, boys will notice you. Dance with your girls and if you act like the life of the party, you will look like your the life of the party and boys will want ot be with you. GOOD LUCLK

    but most of all HAVE FUN!!

  • carla
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    I'm in middle school myself and my school has a dance every month.

    At my dances most people wear skirts and cami's. I like to wear jean skirts. Do you have a favorite tee? You want to be comfortable, because it can get really hot in a room with a ton of people crammed together. If you have a bright colorful tee then guys across the room will notice you :)

    Shoes, i would just say flip-flops, because then your feet wont get hot.

    For your hair i would wear it in a pony tail so then your neck wont get hot. But i suggest a low pony tail because if you dance with anyone then when you turn your pony tail will wack them in the head.( i know this from experience.) I sweat at a lot of my dances so wear lots of deodorant.

    For your make-up go light. Maybe a little mascara and eyeshadow. You don't want to over do it.

    If you want guys to ask you dance you just have to look like you are having fun. Also make sure you stand next to your freinds that dance a lot.

    If you wear an adorable outfit then you will get noticed. And its ok if you time doesn't go so well. Just have fun!

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    for my first middle school dance, I freaked out about what to wear. I took my time getting dressed, and then I got to the dance and (surprise) no one was dancing, and nearly everyone was wearing the same old clothes they wore to school. but I understand that you want to dress up a little.

    So, wear some nice colored pants, or a casual skirt. Pretty much, wear what you would wear to the mall. That is the safest way to guarantee that you look nice, without looking too formal. wear flats instead of heels, and either put your hair into a casual up-do, or leave it down. you could crimp it, if you wanted.

    but really, in middle school, the rule of thumb for dance clothing is wear what you would wear to the mall.

    and, to tell you the truth, chances are, nothing short of a meteor blasting though the gym roof will make the guys come near the girls. at my dance, only 3 couples danced, and they were all going out. One guy was too shy to even dance with me, even though I was his date to the dance!

    basically, have fun with your friends, drink some soda, and save the formal gowns and romance for later-- like highschool homecoming =)

    Have fun and good luck!

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    Go to Wal-mart.

    Buy a pair of jeans in a dark denim color.

    Buy some iron-on jewels

    Buy a men's WHITE oxford shirt (the type that goes with a suit and tie) closest to your size. Shoot for all cotton. Buy some RIT dye to match the jewels.

    Buy a girl's cotton camisole or tank top (AGAIN WHITE and COTTON) and pick another color dye to match the jewels you pick

    Buy some crazy glue and after arranging the jewels in a pattern on the front of the jeans, glue each "stone" to the jeans using the crazy glue.

    For each shirt, you will need a canister of salt (ignore the directions on this and trust me). Dissolve the salt in boiling water and the dye and dye the shirt in the dye, stirring well for about an hour. Rinse until clear, then wash in machine on cold with two CAPFULs (and only TWO) of bleach predissolved. Dry. Repeat with other shirt and other color.

    For makeup, try to find eyeshadow that matches the jewel colors and apply one color on your eyelid and the other above and blend subtly. Make the lipstick match too.

    Wear the tank top and jeans and when you put on the oxford, button from the third to the top down to one button away from your waist, gather the front pieces and tie them in a knot.

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  • 4 years ago

    Most people just wear regular clothes like they do to school. But, if you wanna look a little nicer a v neck would be cute. I would wear skinny or straight leg jeans, though. Flare isn't the most cool these days. It' ok though. Converse are super cute :) And if its chilly out you can wear a light jacket and just take it off when you get there ( coat room) or just tie it around your waist. Have fun! :)

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    omg! people wear jeans? well i would wear something from body shop or limited too. and for your hair try a french braid if u usually wear it down. and let is loose with waves if you usually wear it up. or braid it and then put it in a bun. it looks really good!

    your makeup....

    i wouldnt put too much on. i would put a clear lipgloss on and a little blush. also eyeliner. but you wanna look natural.

    to make your crush notice u dance with your friends! it works! he will notice you dancing and he will be watching you! also when you go to get some punch or whatever, walk by him and give him a little smile and eye him up and down. then flip your hair over. (if its not down)

    and also to make him notice u, wear good perfume! AND DONT BE SHY TO DANCE AND HAVE FUN! hope i helped!

    and try not to ever frown!

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    well when i was in middle school and attended those types of things i wore nice blue jeans and a nice tee or dress shirt, but work the jeans!!!

    with your hair pull it up in a pony tail or casualy curl or beach it.

    casual everyday make-up

    and ask guys to dance don't worry they probably want to dance with you but are scarred also

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