What is linksynergy.com?

I see these linksynergy.com links in many places. I think it is a way to track different links and their performance, but when I try going to the website it does not work. Anyone know anything about this?

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    It is a network of merchants & web publishers. The merchants provide the code for text and banner ads and the publishers put the ads on their websites. When someone clicks on the ad, the merchant is able to tell which publisher sent the visitor. The publishers usually get paid for referring customers.

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      how are ads compared on https://www.nomtimes.co.uk/site/classified.do?&ref=8QmWtoqniSKNxuPLIkEa

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      How are the ads compared on this website... https://www.nomtimes.co.uk/site/classified.do?&ref=8QmWtoqniSKNxuPLIkEa

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  • 1 decade ago

    They are an ad agency like double click, etc

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    3 years ago

    Not sure about this

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    Take a look at this website. I don't like the looks of it. Do you have a good antivirus and antispyware program? If so, I suggest you run them in Safe Mode to catch any self-executable files.


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