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At home tattoo remover?

I asked this question before and didn't get what I was looking for, so I'll specify that I'm looking for at home tattoo removers like Dermasel and stuff like that. Which one is the best? I'm getting a screwed up tattoo (the artist's fault, not mine) covered up (it's black letters all the way across my upper back) by the same artist for free (because he screwed up).


The tattoo is good quality, it's just a latin translation that was messed up. Actually it was his secretary's fault. That's why the same artist. And it's free.

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    WreckingBall and Dermasel are just faders. They dont really get the whole thing out. It just dulls the skin pigment. Tried them both and didn't help. Ex-wifes name. Long story. I ended up paying like 900 to get the laser done. Go wid the laser.

    Good luck

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    So are you trying to get it covered up, or removed? I have heard of stuff to use at home, but have never known of anyone who has used them. But, why would you ave the same artist cover it? You should make him pay to have another artist cover it. I wouldn't risk another screw up.

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    I'd try to help but I've honestly never heard of an at home tattoo remover..only the ones at the Dermatologist with the lasers, that costs a lot of money.

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    I saw a video of a guy getting a tat removed with a belt sander. So just find someone you trust and make sure you use a brand new piece of sand paper.

    Oh, you're gonna need lots of paper towels. Good luck

    Source(s): my brain. but seriously, either leave it be or get it covered up.
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    Personally, If it were me, i would find myself a lawyer and have the artist pay for laser removal....and never go to that artist again.

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    If it happened to me, I would ask the artist to pay for professional removal if he was the one who screwed up. After all, he is the one responsible. Then he should re-do it as well, the proper way, or pay for you to go to another artist.

    Just my opinion, I have them myself and I would be p*ssed!

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    I think for tattoo remover it would be better to see a specialist, for your own safety. Good Luck.

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    Forget about Dermasil, such things don't work at all.Have a laser treatment.....

    Also if you get a cover-up, it shouldnt matter at all.

  • I heard on the radio something called wreckingball. I don't know anything of it, they did run a bunch of commercials on Sirius Satalite Radio. I would google it and see what you come up with.

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    None of them work effectively all of it is so much snake oil.

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