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Why does ESPN have to continue to cover sports that are not in season?

This goes for all sports...Perfect example is the NFL. The day after the 2007 NFL draft was over they started to analyze next years draft and blah blah blah..give me a break. It was towards the end of the NHL season and all I ever saw was these morons like Sean Salsberry analyzing who is gonna pick who and who had a poor mini camp and who lost stock..SHUT UP! It is baseball season, NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, NASCAR (sucks and should never be covered), maybe the NBA draft..but in July and August I dont wanna hear about the NBA or NFL, I wanna hear about MLB. I lost my train of thought so I will add more another time.


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    Their specialty is sports and not just one type. ESPN is going to be televising the NBA draft in the next few weeks and that may be why they're talking about the NBA draft as well as televising the playoffs. For some strange reason they are televising AFL football which I am not familiar with ,as well as the WNBA. Their job is to cover all kinds of sports and not just those that are in season.

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    Well we are talking about NBA and NHL hockey time. Enough said I would never watch sports center if they talked about hockey and NBA playoffs as much as they do football.

    The NBA is the most watered down league in existence. It can't compare to NCAA and the NHL is one of the worst examples of a professional sports league. Baseball is just hitting its stride again after all of the strikes and steroid controversies.

    Face it Football news gets the ratings. Most sports fans are doing other things around this time of year. We are waiting for the fall so we can watch a real professional league and true college rivalries!

    Football is never out of season.

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